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Behavioral/Clinical Services

Intensive Behavior Support, or IBS, is an optional service provided to individuals, their families and/or their Direct Care Staff.  The purpose of IBS is to address significant behavioral issues which have not responded to regular interventions, and which require additional resources. 

IBS is typically used when an individual’s behavior involves:

  • Risk of harm to themselves or others
  • Major destruction of property
  • Negative impact to the individual’s opportunities to achieve a more independent and satisfying life.

IBS services are implemented under the supervision of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) who is also a licensed mental health clinician.  The BCBA works with the individual’s family members and Direct Care Staff in order to create an environment that will facilitate the decrease of challenging behaviors along with increase positive and appropriate replacement behaviors.

Services provided may include one or more of the following:  Functional Behavior Assessment, development of a Positive Behavior Intervention Plan, and coordinating the implementation of a Positive Behavior Intervention Plan.  All of the services include data collection and analysis. 

IBS is founded on the specialized area of behavioral sciences known as Applied Behavior Analysis, or ABA. ABA theory and procedures are based on empirical research.  It has been repeatedly demonstrated that ABA interventions are highly effective in addressing challenging behaviors. One Aspect of ABA that is different from conventional behavioral interventions is that ABA focuses on the functions of behaviors.  This means that ABA looks at how challenging behaviors make changes in the individual’s environment, and how these changes impact subsequent behaviors.  A goal of most interventions is the eventual development of replacement behaviors, which are behaviors that serve the same functions as the challenging behaviors, but which are more appropriate and socially acceptable.

Psychological Services


  • individual and group psychotherapy
  • psychological assessment
  • psychological testing
  • supervision of interns and trainees
  • crisis assessment and intervention
  • conducting quality management services
  • consultations with professional health care providers
  • social service organizations and the legal system 


  • behavior assessments
  • functional behavior assessments
  • development of behavior intervention plans
  • supervision of trainees
  • consultations with professional health care providers
  • social service organizations and the legal system