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Parent Aide (Tucson Area location)

About the program

The Parent Aide program provides supervised visitation and parent education to parents involved with the child welfare system. The program ensures that children are able to visit their parents in a safe and healthy environment while placed in out-of-home care. In addition, Parent Aides provide parents with support and education regarding positive parenting, developmental milestones, and relapse prevention.

For information about our Phoenix Area Parent Aide program visit our Prevention Page.

Our goal is to ensure that children may visit with their parents in a safe environment. Devereux Arizona also provides parents with the tools that they need to be successful parents and prevent future child abuse or neglect.

Emma's House--Family Visitation Center

When Devereux’s Parent Aide Program began, Emma was the first child we served.  Emma and her dad spent time together every week in our one-room visitation “center.”   Emma and her dad were eventually reunited. 

As our services expanded, we relocated to a new nine-room facility, which we named  “Emma’s House” in honor of the little girl who stole our hearts and warmed our spirits. Our hope is that every child has the same happy ending as Emma and her dad.

Emma’s House is centrally located and offers a safe, family-friendly environment for supervised visitation and parent aide services to parents involved with the child welfare system.  Devereux Arizona offers transportation to and from all locations.

Want more information about our Parent Aide program?

Contact: Alexa Lang, Parent Aide Program Manager


Emma’s House
Family Visitation Center
5700 E. Pima Street, Suite  B
Tucson, AZ  85712
Phone: (520) 576-5997