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Devereux Consultants

Devereux Consultants is a community-based resource that addresses the needs of individuals and their families in natural settings, such as their school or home. Devereux Consultants provide direct instruction, training or consultation services to support a wide range of needs in individuals diagnosed with autism, intellectual and/or developmental disorders, pervasive developmental disorder, social or emotional disturbance and other significant behavioral disorders.

Devereux Consultants work collaboratively with parents, families, teachers or agency staff to develop a plan that builds on each individual’s strengths, needs and preferences. The goal of services is to build the communication skills, independence and quality of life of each individual by teaching him/her new skills and behaviors which also decrease the occurrence of frustration, failure and challenging behaviors.

Devereux Consultants provide functional behavioral assessments, staff or parent training, program consultation, behavior support planning, and individually-focused skill programs based on the needs of each individual. All services are provided from an applied behavior analytic orientation and emphasize positive behavior support.

Services Provided

  • Functional Behavior Assessments
  • Behavior Support Plan Development
  • Communication Programs
    • Functional Communication
    • Picture Exchange Communication
    • Verbal Behavior Programs
  • Program Development
  • Program Consultation
  • Program Review and Evaluation
  • Parent Training
  • Home-based Services
  • Professional Workshops in:
    • Applied behavior analysis
    • Positive behavior support
    • Autism spectrum disorders
    • Challenging behaviors
    • Devereux’s Crisis Prevention/Intervention Curriculum

Devereux Consultants have advanced education and training in applied behavior analysis along with years of experience working with children and adults with special needs.

All of our consultants are either Board Certified Behavior Analysts or work directly under the supervision of our Clinical Director, Michelle Lipchock.

Services are available during the day, evening or weekends to accommodate the schedules of working families. Consulting services are provided on a contractual basis at a competitive hourly rate.

To make a referral to Devereux Consultants, please contact:

Admissions Coordinator
Devereux New Jersey
(856) 599 - 6411 - Phone
(856) 599 - 6404 - Fax