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eNewsletter - October 2017

Events and Campus Activities



More than 200 guests attended Devereux Georgia’s 2017 Hope Event: “The Art of Feelings,” on Thursday, September 21 at the Marietta Country Club. Guests had the opportunity to bid on numerous one-of-a-kind art pieces in the Silent Auction, many created by the youth served by Devereux Georgia. The annual event, included a cocktail reception with live music and an informational program, with remarks by keynote speaker, Virginia S. Pryor, MSW, Division Chief of Staff at the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services. During the program, Devereux Georgia premiered their new video which can be seen here.

Throughout the year, 100+ youth painted their “hopes and dreams” in Devereux Georgia’s therapeutic Art Enrichment Program. Professional art mentors worked with the children; providing personalized artistic instruction and encouragement. After the Hope Event, each child was given a framed, color print of their original artwork, which they take with them when they discharge from treatment. “Every child is an artist and their art allows them to think creatively, develop skills and learn confidence. Each art piece is unique and reflects the heart of a child in treatment,” said Gwen Skinner, Vice President of Operations for Devereux Georgia and Florida.

Devereux raised more than $50,000 from the 2017 event, thanks to the generosity of its numerous sponsors and donors. These funds will continue to support therapeutic programs and services for at-risk youth.



On October 11 Devereux recognized the Maintenance and Housekeeping teams as Superheroes of the Quarter, with all staff joining in on the fun. Awards will be given out each quarter to a special staff team that has exhibited super powers. The children and the needs of the Devereux campus often require superhuman powers, and while every Devereux staff member is considered a hero, some of our employee’s powers go beyond normal human ability! The staff members from Maintenance and Housekeeping are dedicated and use their super powers to make sure the Devereux campus is a safe and clean place for all.


We are excited to announce our very own Dr. Yolanda Graham and Amy Waldron’s partnership with the Horizon Theatre Company’s production of Project Dawn, a play inspired by the real life work of Dawn’s Court in Philadelphia. Dawn’s Court is a pre-trial diversion program, which provides rehabilitative services under close court supervision for women who want to leave the commercial sex trade. Based on extensive observation and research, the play follows the high-stakes lives of the women in the program as well as the court staff over several months. The powerhouse, all-female cast shifts roles back and forth, making it clear that either character subset could have landed on the other side of our justice system.

Horizon is a respected professional, contemporary theatre in an intimate 172-seat theatre in the Little Five Points area of Atlanta. With this play, Horizon hopes to spark community dialogue about commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking in Georgia.

Dr. Yolanda Graham (Medical Director, Devereux Georgia; Executive Director of Mental Health Services, Devereux Foundation) and Amy Waldron, LPC, BCBA (Clinical Director, Devereux Georgia) will be post performance discussants among a panel of experts in human trafficking. Dr. Graham participated in the 15-20 minute lead discussion at the October 14, 3pm performance and Amy Waldron will be participating in the October 27, 8pm post performance discussion. If you would like to attend a performance, tickets and information on the play, which runs through October 29, can be found here.


How YOU Can Help

Thanks to our sponsors and generous donors, Devereux Georgia’s 2017 Hope Event was a huge success! Proceeds from this annual event directly benefit the needs of children served by Devereux. Please make plans now to attend next year’s Hope Event - which will be held on Thursday, September 20, 2018 at the Marietta Country Club. If you are interested in sponsorship information, please contact Liz Bunder at or (678) 303-2678.

The holidays are right around the corner and while you fill your cart (or online cart) with gifts for friends and family, you can give back by adding an item or two for a Devereux child. Contact Liz Bunder at or (678) 303-2678 to learn how you can support Devereux children this holiday season.


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