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About Us


The Center for Effective Schools (CES) is a nonprofit research and training center dedicated to building the capacity of schools and other child-serving institutions to better serve children and adolescents with, and at risk for developing, emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD). This mission is accomplished through training, consultation and applied research.

The CES is a division of Devereux’s Institute of Clinical and Professional Training and Research. Established in 1999, the CES is located in Villanova, Pennsylvania. From its inception, the primary focus of the organization was and continues to be addressing the needs of children with and at risk for EBD, and their families, by promoting effective practices, informed by scientific evidence, to improve lives.

Our Approach

At the CES, we approach our work from an indirect service delivery model. We aim to improve the systems in place to support youth with, or at risk for developing, EBD. We do this by consulting with school teams and families to collaboratively identify their needs and determine appropriate solutions. We apply core principles of behavior within multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS) to focus on preventing challenging behavior, and then providing increasing levels of support as youth show greater need. The practices that we implement are evidence-based and are designed to be developmentally appropriate. Through all of our work, we use data to monitor progress and determine next steps in partnership with our customers.