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Adult Services

Devereux is proud to offer services for adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Through our residential and placement services in the community, we help individuals learn the skills needed for independent living and making meaningful life choices. Supportive settings in comfortable home environments ensure that individuals have access to services that are appropriate to their developmental level and cognitive, emotional and social abilities. 

Each person’s goals and strengths are integrated into an individualized care plan that     promotes progressive independence.  

We support individuals over the age of 22 with diagnoses such as:

  • Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Acquired or traumatic brain injury
  • Mental health challenges, trauma or attachment related concerns 

Residential Services offer congregate living for individuals in the community with 24 hour assistance from highly trained staff. This safe, warm, empathic home environment promotes well-being, and programming is designed to strengthen decision-making skills in community based settings.  

Placement Services offer individuals the opportunity to share living space in a family home in the community. Caregivers in the home are specially trained to assist individuals with processing through their options and making choices for living, working and participating in the community. Caregivers support the individual’s objectives and provide access to activities and resources in the community. 

Devereux’s Adult Services emphasize long-term stability and safety for individuals while enhancing their autonomy in community settings.  

 The following principles are incorporated into all programs:

  • Person-centered, flexible services. 
  • Family-focused: family is invited to fully engage at all levels in the development and on-going delivery of services, including quality improvement, program design and evaluation.
  • Collaborative: we work closely with community organizations to provide opportunities for maximizing each person’s potential.   
  • Community-focused: services and supports are delivered in community, home and employment settings.
  • Skill Building Emphasis: a focus on skill building leads to greater independence and success across all settings at home, community, school and work.
  • Enhancement of Self-determination: services and supports promote each individual’s ability to participate in processes and decisions that impact their lives.
  • Quality of Life: we use quality of life indicators to assist in determining the success of the program for each person receiving support.