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Welcome to Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health N.J.!

I am thrilled and honored to welcome you to the Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health New Jersey family. While I realize the circumstances of this transition may be challenging and uncertain, please understand that our team members are absolutely committed to making this transition successful, and as seamless as possible, for you and your loved one.

Let me tell you more about our mission-driven, people-focused organization … 

About Devereux 

Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health is one of the nation’s largest nonprofit organizations providing services, insight and leadership in the evolving field of behavioral healthcare. We are guided by our mission, which is to change lives by unlocking and nurturing human potential for people living with emotional, behavioral or cognitive differences.

Devereux was founded in 1912 by special education pioneer Helena Devereux. Today, we are a national partner for individuals, families, schools and communities, serving many of the most vulnerable members of our society in the areas of autism, intellectual and developmental disabilities, specialty mental health, and child welfare. 

As part of our continuum of care, our 7,500+ staff across 15 centers in 13 states – operate a network of clinical, therapeutic, educational and employment programs that provide hope, comfort and healing to individuals and their families. I feel it is important to note that our national Board of Trustees requires that 33 percent of trustee membership be parents and they do not rest when it comes to expecting the highest quality people, programs and services. 

Our model of care

The Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health Model of Care™ integrates the latest scientific and medical advancements with time-tested philosophies and compassionate family engagement to provide practical, effective and efficient care, making a meaningful difference in the lives of the more than 25,000 people we serve every year. 

Our programs embrace four significant essentials of treatment: family engagement, functional behavior assessment, trauma-informed care and positive behavior support.  

About Devereux New Jersey

Devereux New Jersey positively impacts the lives of nearly 500 children, adolescents and adults – and their families – every year. We provide a continuum of care for individuals, ages 5 through lifespan, living with emotional, behavioral and cognitive differences, including autism spectrum disorders, intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD), and medical challenges.

We meet individuals and families where they are in their treatment journey. Our broad spectrum of treatment settings includes: community-based group homes and supported apartments, vocational training, intensive in-home supports, and consultative and family-based service models focusing on positive and strength-based approaches. All of our programs are designed to increase independent living skills, community integration and ensure the highest possible quality of life.  

Devereux New Jersey’s best-in-class clinical team understands that every individual served requires a unique and customized treatment plan. Our statewide clinical director oversees a team of Board Certified Behavior Analysts, behavior specialists and registered behavior technicians who utilize Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) – a scientific method of therapy used to improve or change specific behaviors (particularly in the treatment of autism and I/DD) – in our programs.

We also follow the Devereux Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (D-PBIS) framework, which was designed specifically for alternative settings including: our day / residential programs, and services for adults with autism and I/DD. D-PBIS focuses on the strengths of each individual; it defines, teaches and supports desired behaviors to create a positive environment.  

Our culture of serving others

We are here to serve you. Devereux embraces a “Servant Leadership” philosophy to create an enhanced work environment where our employees feel empowered to voice ideas that will benefit the individuals and families we serve. Coined by Robert K. Greenleaf in the 1960s, Servant Leadership is a philosophy – and a set of values and practices – that enrich the lives of individuals, builds better organizations and creates a more just and caring world.  

By following Servant Leadership best practices and behaviors, we believe we can better support our employees and, as a result, improve organizational excellence and outcomes for the individuals and families we care for every day. As part of our Servant Leadership practices, we continually invest in our team members by providing ongoing training and development opportunities related to the latest scientific research and treatment breakthroughs. 

Partnering with you

Our team is here to answer questions you may have during each step of this transition. 

  • Residential programs: 
    • South Jersey: If you have specific questions or concerns, or would simply like to learn more about our southern residential programs, please contact Assistant Operations Director Ebony Poe at 856.599.6042 or
    • North Jersey: To learn more about our residential programs in the northern region of the state, contact Assistant Operations Director of Specialty Programs Breta Nyajure-Bee at (732) 786-5569 or
  • Vocational services: If your loved one will participate in one of our vocational programs throughout the state, please contact Statewide Vocational Director Yasmin Qazilbash at 856.599.6216 or

In addition to guiding you through any questions, Ebony, Breta and Yasmin also can connect you to members of our robust Parent Auxiliary. This group of engaged and informed parents have been longtime members of the Devereux family and can provide support during this transition, as well as answer questions from a family perspective.

New Family Welcome Packet Materials

Now that our in-person meet-and-greets are over, we would like to share these items for Bellwether families who were not able to join us in-person.

As Devereux New Jersey’s executive director, I am committed to operating an open and transparent organization, and engaging in honest and proactive communication. I am personally available should you have any questions or concerns, and I invite you to contact me via phone (856.599.6409) or email (

We are extremely privileged to serve you, and we look forward to partnering with you in the care, treatment and support of your loved one. 


Brian J. Hancock

Brian J. Hancock
Executive Director
(856) 599-6409