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Georgia Newsletters

eNewsletter - January 2019

Devereux Announcements

tcfc.pngCathy Huff, LCSW, is retiring this month after completing 32 years of service in the Devereux Georgia residential program. Cathy began working at Devereux in 1987 as the Aftercare Coordinator, doing admissions and helping set up aftercare and discharge services for youth and their families. Since that time she has served as Clinical Therapist and Clinical Manager, and has provided countless hours of clinical supervision and guidance to therapists and aspiring interns.

Cathy is regarded as a person of many varied talents including; master gardener, expert brownie baker, favorite grandmother, talented jewelry maker, and most recently mother of “Shadow” whom we have adopted as the campus puppy. Cathy’s generosity is also well-known as she has donated thousands of homemade brownies to support staff and the Journey Café, cash donations to the campus canteen, and countless hours of her time to support Devereux’s work and develop new clinical talent.

Cathy has affected and touched so many lives in her career at Devereux and will certainly be missed around the campus.

Devereux Georgia Advisory Board Announcements

Board Resignations

Devereux Georgia would like to give a heartfelt farewell and thanks to F. Keene Miller for his service to our organization. As one of the longest serving Board Members, Keene has been an Advisory Board Member since 2005. Over the last 13 years, Mr. Miller has helped us to secure thousands of dollars in funding from the Atlanta Commercial Board of Realtors and has been instrumental in helping us to increase our capacity.

His contribution and dedication to our organization is the personification of servant leadership. Please join us in thanking Keene for his years of service to our organization.

Devereux Georgia Grant Awards

Wal-Mart Foundation (Community Grant Program) - The Wal-Mart Foundation believes that operating globally and giving back locally is essential to helping organizations like ours thrive. To that end, the Wal-Mart Foundation has awarded Devereux Georgia a $2,500.00 grant in support of our organizational needs. The Community Grant Program ensures Wal-Mart associates are able to support the needs of local nonprofits like us! We are thrilled to have been selected as a 2018 grant recipient and we look forward to a lasting partnership with our local Chastain Meadows Wal-Mart.

Cobb EMC Foundation - Cobb EMC Foundation has awarded Devereux Georgia with a $2,000 grant. This gift is made possible through Operation Round Up, a campaign led by Cobb EMC members which allows them to round up their bill. The proceeds are then given to a charity of choice. We are proud to be one of the organizations selected and we thank Cobb EMC for their continued generosity and partnership.

Cobb Friendship Club - As a longtime supporter of Devereux Georgia, the Cobb Friendship Club awarded Devereux Georgia a $500 grant in support of our organizational needs. Devereux was one of 43 Cobb County organizations to receive funding this year. Cobb Friendship Club is comprised of Cobb County employees who donate a portion of their salaries to support nonprofit organizations that serve the people of Cobb County. Devereux Georgia is grateful for the long-time support of the Cobb Friendship Club.

Devereux in the Community

Human Trafficking Awareness Month

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month, but every single month our children are either at risk or are in need of rescuing. In support of Human Trafficking Awareness month, Devereux Georgia is highlighting the role that we as health care providers play in identifying and helping human trafficking victims, many of whom are minors. In Georgia, thousands of children are sold into the sex trade each year. Department of justice statistics rank Atlanta as the highest sex trafficking destination in the country.

At Devereux Georgia, our Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) residential program provides individual and group therapy to address the private traumas of individuals, while also providing a sense of community and reducing feelings of isolation. Our overarching goal is to ensure our girls receive thoughtful, individualized care in an environment that is therapeutic and predictable with treatment strategies that are designed help our girls understand victimization and empower them to create a VERY different life.

Ways to Give

Gas Cards - We are always in need of gas cards! Something so small can have a large impact on our clients and their families. Many of our clients have supportive families that live close enough to travel by car for family therapy or visitation, but far enough that the cost of gas can often serve as a barrier. Your donation of a single gas card could eliminate a hurdle our client’s families frequently face when considering travel to our facility. If you are interested in donating a gas card, please contact Liz Bunder at

Become A Fundraiser - Are you looking for a unique and impactful way to help, but don’t quite know how? Become a fundraiser and build awareness and support for Devereux Georgia! We have launched an innovative crowdfunding campaign that allows you to create your own Devereux Georgia online fundraising page. The fundraising page allows you to create a targeted fundraising campaign where you set goals and giving levels and to share with your network. For more information on how you can become a fundraiser, click here.

Stay in the Know

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