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Mental Health Programs

Devereux Consultants

An independent community resource, Devereux Consultants provide assessment, program planning and implementation, parent and staff training, professional opinions, and workshops for individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and other severe developmental disabilities, as well as social-emotional disorders. Programs are based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. Devereux Consultants work collaboratively with parents, educators and professionals in other fields, all with the goal of encouraging positive growth and progress.

Intensive & Traditional Teaching Family & Treatment Foster Care Programs

Youth with emotional and behavioral disorders and learning disabilities often thrive in a teaching family with professional practitioners. These practitioners actually serve as primary treatment facilitators, teaching directly and by example. In Teaching Families throughout the state, youth learn alternative behaviors and everyday living skills necessary for them to eventually live on their own. The Teaching Family approach incorporates individual, group and milieu therapies, as well as psychiatric services, speech therapy, medical and nutritional interventions, and pre-vocational training. The therapeutic environment of the Teaching Family helps these youth modify their behavior so they can return to their own communities or independent living.

Devereux Intensive Homes for Dually Diagnosed Adults

This intensive program consists of two homes located on the grounds of the North Jersey Developmental Center in Totowa. This unique program is designed to provide a safe environment to meet the specific treatment needs of adult males, 21 through 60 years of age, who have social/sexual behaviors and cannot function in a less restrictive setting. Consumers in this program participate in vocational opportunities and receive behavior support and individual group therapy. Once a consumer has completed their treatment in this program, transition and step-down services are available.

Devereux Family Care Programs

Devereux Family Care Programs is part of the New Jersey Children's System of Care Initiative, the Family Care Homes provide a therapeutic home environment for children ages 5 to 17 that are in need of a short term living arrangement. The homes are located in or near the child's home community in order to support the child's relationships with those people who are significant in their lives. Family Care providers, in collaboration with other service providers, meet each child's physical, emotional and behavioral needs and work to achieve his or her permanency goals. Read More »