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Devereux Pocono

Tina Skoda, Executive Director
1547 Mill Creek Road
Newfoundland, PA 18445
(570) 839-6140

Devereux Pocono provides a wide array of programs and services to children, adolescents and adults – ages two through life span – with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, autism spectrum disorder and emotional and/or behavioral differences.

Located throughout northeast Pennsylvania, Devereux Pocono is dedicated to empowering individuals to discover their innate strengths, talents and potential to live meaningful and productive lives.

Our goal is to promote well-being and personal growth by increasing skills, providing quality care and enhancing quality of life. We achieve these goals through positive, non-restrictive approaches; individualized services based on strengths, needs, personal and cultural interests; and effective and accountable practices based on leading therapeutic methods. Individuals and their family members are actively involved in treatment planning and the decision-making process. Our therapeutic environment facilitates treatment by teaching skills in natural, routine environments and providing structure and consistency on a daily basis.

Devereux Pocono at-a-glance:

  • Ages: Two through life span
  • Services: Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services, community residential services, life sharing, respite care, community-integrated employment and pre-employment services, and school-to-work transition.
  • Diagnoses: Intellectual/development disabilities, emotional and behavioral disorders, autism spectrum disorders, and dual mental health/developmental disabilities diagnoses.  

Children’s Services

Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS) 

Devereux Pocono’s Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS) program supports children and adolescents, up to age 21, who meet medical necessity requirements resulting from a mental health diagnosis those with social, emotional or behavioral differences. BHRS provides opportunities for individuals to receive treatment within their natural families, schools and community settings. Services include a behavioral specialist consultant, mobile therapy and therapeutic staff support.

Adult Services

Community Residential Services

Our Community Residential Services provide a natural environment with participation and integration into the community. Individual treatment support plans are developed and can include the development of: daily living skills, use of community resources, social/cultural activities, home management (e.g., meal preparation, laundry skills, money management), medication education, promoting literacy, functional communication, skill acquisition, medical/psychiatric/psychological services, counseling, and behavioral-based training. Behavioral-based programs focus on teaching skills and socially adaptive behaviors.

24-hour-a-day staffing is provided in all residential programs and includes a residential manager, program specialist and direct support professionals. Additionally, 24-hour-a-day clinical support is available.

Life Sharing

Active and meaningful community integration enables and empowers individuals to develop relationships throughout their local and regional communities. Life Sharing provides individuals the opportunity to live in a natural family setting while receiving support, treatment and services to improve their quality of life and increase independence.

Life Sharing caregiver families are licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services’ Office of Developmental Programs after completing a thorough application process including background checks, interviews, home study and training. Ongoing contact is maintained with biological families, incorporating choices and culture throughout treatment.

Each individual and family is assigned a family specialist who supports the family in their efforts to implement outlined strategies to achieve the individual’s goals. Skill building, interventions and schedules are customized to meet the needs of each unique person. Components to increase independence can include daily living skills, home management, medication administration, money management, safety, communication and community resources, and activities.

Respite Services

Based on the quality programming of our residential services, respite care provides adults with a temporary living situation in a safe, caring and stimulating environment. Respite care provides families or other caregivers with the emotional and physical relief they may need at times due to the responsibilities they assume in caring for a loved one, or due to conflict with other family or business obligations. Respite care services are offered on a planned or emergency basis and can be offered daily, overnight, weekly or monthly, as needed.

Community Residential Rehabilitation Services / Foster Care

As part of the Devereux Pocono network and continuum of care, our foster care programs operate with the belief that all individuals deserve a loving, supportive and nurturing family and a positive home environment to help them reach their unique potential.

Our Community Residential Rehabilitation Services (CRRS) treatment/foster parents provide children with the opportunity to live in a family setting while receiving support and clinical care to improve quality of life and increase independence. Our CRRS program uses a collaborative approach to serve a diverse population of at risk children and their families. The goal is to nurture human potential and stabilize symptoms to help the child return to his/her previous living situation, including natural family, foster care, independent living or other residence.

Consider fostering a child and changing a life today!

Learn more, if you are interested in becoming a treatment/foster parent.

Community-integrated Employment

Pre-Employment Training

At Devereux Pocono, our instructional training programs are designed to help individuals learn and develop pre-employment skills, increase self-awareness and self-confidence, provide opportunities for recreation, community integration and socialization, and assist individuals to achieve their highest level of independence through personal growth. Individuals have an opportunity to enhance their skills while participating in paid employment endeavors such as processing products for a golf tee program, composition of a hotel amenities program and packaging of chocolates. Communication with family members is an integral part of programming and is maintained through daily communication updates for family members to increase individual success and promote the continuity of care.

Supported Employment

Our Supported Employment services are provided to prepare and maintain an individual’s ability to be employed within the community. Program goals are customized for each individual and include: pre-employment preparation, work readiness, skill acquisition, career counseling, job seeking resources, interview skills, money management and behavior support.

School-to-Work Transition

This School-to-Work Transition program is designed for high school students who have graduated or who are preparing to graduate. Devereux Pocono, in partnership with the student’s school system, develops a transition plan as part of the IEP process. These plans may include skill development and hands-on training/experience in a pre-employment experience. Students can attend daily or weekly as desired.