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Devereux New York CARES

Devereux New York CARES
27 Radio Circle Drive
Mt. Kisco, NY 10549
(914) 941-1991 

Devereux New York provides a wide range of educational, clinical, residential and community-based programs and services to children and adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), emotional and behavioral differences, and dual diagnoses.  

As part of its continuum of care, the Devereux N.Y. Center for Autism Research and Education Services (CARES) – located in Mt. Kisco, N.Y. – provides year-round, full-day, intensive educational and behavioral interventions for students, ages five to 21, with ASD and other cognitive differences. Opened in 1996, Devereux N.Y. CARES serves nearly 50 students, and their families, living with autism. As one of the state’s most highly regarded programs for individuals with ASD, we provide an exceptional degree of attention, and offer many activities to foster students’ learning, independence and integration into the community.  

Our program is guided by the principles of Applied Behavioral Analysis; educational goals/activities are customized to match each student’s unique strengths. Students receive a variety of educational, vocational and behavior intervention programs to support individual growth. We also provide expert consultation services to parents, teachers, school districts and other agencies.  

At Devereux N.Y. CARES, we strive to help our students and families lead positive, fulfilling lives in and outside of the classroom. Our goal is to cultivate a safe, nurturing atmosphere in which students, and their families, feel supported while working toward academic, social and vocational goals. 

Educational Programming 

Devereux N.Y. CARES helps students reach their highest potential and, ultimately, achieve success in the least restrictive environment possible. An individualized education plan (IEP) for each student is developed in conjunction with families and their child’s home school district. IEPs may include the following behavioral areas:

  • Learning readiness and pre-academic skills, along with finding ways to reduce challenging behaviors that interfere with learning.
  • Communication – receptive and expressive
  • Cognitive and academic skills – reading, writing, mathematics, and motor skills (gross/fine motor)
  • Daily living skills – self-help, home living
  • Socialization and leisure skills – independent, cooperative and symbolic play
  • Pre-vocational, vocational skills and community living skills 

Curriculum complies with New York State’s learning standards for students with severe disabilities; all students participate in alternate assessments. 

Staffing and Instruction 

The Devereux N.Y. CARES staffing ratio, approved by NYSED, is 6:1:3 (six students; one teacher; three teaching assistants). These four staff members work together to provide instruction related to student goals and objectives, with appropriate certification and training. Some students may have 1:1 aides assigned to them as per their IEPs. While these aides do not provide instruction, they support students’ participation in the school environment. 

Intensive Community-based Instruction 

At Devereux N.Y. CARES, it is critical that our students have an opportunity to experience life outside the classroom. The goal for students is to apply what they’ve learned at school – in their communities and to help prepare them for life after Devereux. 

All students engage in weekly, community-based instruction geared to meet each individual’s IEP goals. Activities include visiting the library, grocery store, post office, etc. In addition, teens/young adults participate in pre-vocational learning opportunities to help them develop skills for future employment. These opportunities are created in partnership with local nonprofits and businesses, and are supported and monitored by our staff.