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Devereux Adolescent Health & Wellness Clinic
11024 N. 28th Drive, Ste. #110, Phoenix, AZ 85029
Hours: Monday-Friday; 9 a.m.-5 p.m
Phone: (602) 944-6222
Adolescent Medicine Physician:
Chantay Banikarim, M.D. MPH


What to Expect

At the Devereux Adolescent Health and Wellness Clinic, we understand the transition from childhood to adulthood brings physical, hormonal and emotional changes. Our whole-person approach to care addresses all of the changes adolescents and young adults experience with an integrated team who can respond to their unique healthcare needs.

Our Clinic

We are a specialty outpatient clinic providing whole-person care to teens and young adults. Through the integration of primary care and behavioral health practitioners with specialties in adolescent health we are able to meet the unique physical and behavioral healthcare needs of adolescents.

Making an Appointment

We accept most major insurances, as well as CMDP and AHCCCS. View more information, or call us today at 602-944-6222 to schedule your first appointment.

Your First Appointment

Your first appointment will begin by meeting with one of our primary care practitioners who will complete a physical exam that addresses your physical health and behavioral/emotional health needs.

What to Expect

Select the image to learn more about what to expect during your visit to our clinic.

Our Services

Our Certified Adolescent Medicine Physician, Dr. Chantay Banikarim, specializes in treating teens and young adults with a whole-person approach to care. Working side by side with a team of behavioral health professionals, the Devereux Adolescent Health and Wellness Clinic provides a comprehensive treatment plan for adolescents in one location.

Adolescent Comprehensive Services

We offer comprehensive medical, nutritional, gynecological and psychological care for adolescents, ages 10 to 29. View a complete list of services.

Adolescent Treatment Specialties

Diagnoses include: Eating disorders, chronic pain, substance abuse, weight loss, reproductive health and hormonal changes

Adolescent Behavioral Healthcare Services

Diagnoses include: Behavioral problems, psychiatric evaluations, individual/family counseling, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and mood disorders (e.g., depression and anxiety)

Referring Pediatricians and General Practice Physicians

With more than 15 years of treating teens and young adults, our adolescent health physician is consistently referred by local pediatricians and general practitioners to assist in the screening, diagnosis and treatment of adolescent patients presenting with specific conditions, such as sexually transmitted infections, menstrual disorders, autism spectrum disorders, depression and chronic pain/fatigue.

f your patient list includes adolescents, and you would like to learn more about our services please contact us to speak with Dr. Banikarim or one of our staff. Access a complete list of our adolescent sub-specialties here.