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Child Welfare Program

Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health Florida helps individuals and families gain access to resources in regard to basic needs, education and supportive services. Supportive services includes social skills training, parent education, supportive counseling and crisis intervention. 

Devereux Florida’s Case Management provides services to children and families who are involved with the Department of Children and Families and/or in the state dependency system, providing family support to children at-risk of abuse, abandonment or neglect. Our program monitors the well-being of children while addressing factors that place children at-risk for out-of-home placement. Our goal is to prevent the occurrence of child abuse and neglect by working with families, caregivers and community providers.

Our program helps families seek help in crisis situations, provides stabilization and helps connect them to community resources. A Family Centered Planning approach is used to help identify the families’ strengths, dreams and goals. Services include assessment, monitoring and supervision, case planning, service referrals and tracking, independent living skills, family preservation, intact family services, extended family support services, protective services, reunification, adoption, foster care and permanency services.

Devereux’s case management services are provided in Columbia, Dixie, Gilchrist, Hardee, Highlands, Hillsborough, Levy, Orange and Polk counties. Frequency of contact depends on the needs of each individual child and family.  

Contact Us

For more information on Devereux’s Case Management and Child Welfare Programs or for assistance with a referral, please contact us at the following locations:

To Learn more about career opportunities as a Child Welfare Case Manager, click here.

Case Management Programs

Columbia County Phone: (386)243-8800
Dixie, Gilchrist and Levy Counties Phone: (352)463-3111
Orange County Phone: (321)441-1567
Polk, Hardee and Highlands Counties Phone: (863)595-0167
Hillsborough County Phone: (813)471-0218