DECA Program Training and Technical Assistance
Many options are available to help you and/or your staff get trained on how to implement the DECA Program. Some of these options are outlined below. For more information or to set up a session, please contact 1-866-TRAIN US or
  1. Training is available at your location for up to 40 participants with 1 Devereux Certified Trainer. Two trainers will be sent for groups larger than 40 participants. Basic Implementation Training is typically a 13 hour session delivered over two training days. One day sessions are available, or the two day basic can be split over 4-6 weeks to allow for the staff to practice with materials and return for a day of hands on planning with their own results.
  1. Training sessions are offered at locations in PA and CO semi-annually. In addition, as trainings are scheduled in your state or region, they are often open to the public. Please inquire with Devereux as to the latest listings of trainings in your area.
  1. Technical Assistance is offered in several formats including: Onsite visits and follow-up trainings, video and/or conference calls, and e-learning seminars both standardized (such as this one) and live (coming soon!). Finally, an online discussion forum or "chatroom" is available by visiting our website at: