The DECA Program Kit
View the DECA Program Kit on the Devereux website by following the netlink at the bottom of the page.
  1. Included in the DECA Kit are the following resources: Classroom Strategies guide, Observation Journal, Technical Manual, User's Guide, 40 DECAs and Individual Profiles, and 20 For Now and Forever parent guides.
  1. DECA Kits cost $199.95, but each resource can be ordered separately, including the e-DECA option for online DECA administrations and scoring. The Kit and the individual resources can all be ordered through Kaplan Early Learning Companies: 1-800-334-2014, or
  1. Devereux Early Childhood Staff is available to help you figure out the needs for your program or center to maximize budget dollars. Please contact our staff at 1-866-TRAIN US, or e-mail