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Devereux Florida Congratulates Our Foster Youth on their Achievements

The high school years are never easy for a teenager.

Remember what it was like trying to fit in while still being true to yourself? Not to mention how difficult it was to "find yourself." At that time of life, the smallest bumps in the road seemed like
astronomical situations you would never get through. Add to the mix a child in foster care and the experience is even more intimidating. Children in foster care struggle with meeting academic challenges while they experience changes in their home environment, often time resulting in
living in a variety of different homes during their school years. All youth graduating from high school deserve kudos, but at Devereux, we are especially proud of foster care children who are graduating. Much recognition should be provided to these youth, as well as recognition to their foster families for the care and support they have provided during these times. We are proud of our 2010 graduates and wish them the best in their futures!


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