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Viera Campus Secures $100,000

Aiming to improve physical, social, and emotional health of children

Viera Campus Secures 100,000The Devereux Florida Viera Campus has secured $100,000 in federal funds to renovate a 21,000 square foot facility that serves over 500 children each year who are in need of improved physical, social and emotional health. 

The facility will provide physical and occupational therapy, life skills education, and vocational training for children residing at Devereux’s Viera campus, those in Brevard County’s child welfare and foster care system, and students from local schools.

The new facility will also allow community members to hold meetings and various programs; offer opportunities for Devereux students to interact with the broader community; increase awareness about mental illness; and provide a resource for all residents suffering from mental and emotional disorders.

Steve Murphy, Executive Director of Devereux Florida, credits Florida U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson for helping obtain the funding. 

“Thanks to Senator Nelson’s efforts, Devereux Viera will continue to reduce the stigma attached to mental illness,” said Murphy. “Promoting physical health, offering academic and vocational training and serving as a mental health resource in the community will encourage students to achieve a higher level of independence and sustain employment in the community.”

“Addressing obesity is also a priority,” Murphy added.  Many students at Devereux Viera are overweight or obese, due to medication necessary to treat mental and emotional diagnoses, or the lack of a structured physical fitness program. 

“Keeping children with mental illness physically healthy is crucial to the treatment process, as is creating a safe and productive social environment,” added Murphy.  “This new facility will provide access to physical activity and positive community interaction, ultimately improving overall treatment.” 

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