• Life Hurts, Devereux heals
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  • Life Hurts, Devereux heals
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Why Choose Devereux Texas as Your Foster Care Agency?

The Devereux Difference

Case managers are assigned to each foster family, and provide support and guidance to assist with service provision, behavior management, communication with stakeholders, assistance with documentation, training and development, as well as maintaining compliance in the home. Home visits are conducted monthly, at minimum, and case managementervices are available to our foster families 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

  • A clinical team is developed on behalf of each foster child and includes the program manager, case manager, psychiatrist, a clinical therapist,  DFPS caseworker, , the foster parents and the child.
  • Pre-placement visits can be arranged for children transferring from another foster home, emergency placement, or those stepping down from residential treatment into our foster homes.
  • Devereux provides a streamlined referral process and continuum of care that includes: Basic Foster Care, Therapeutic Foster Care and Residential Treatment. Our foster care model follows the nationally developed philosophy and best practices.

When you choose the Devereux Foster Care Program, you will be working with one of the largest nonprofit behavioral health organizations in the United States. You will have access to extensive resources, trainings, and a comprehensive support system, consisting of experienced foster care specialists. In addition, Devereux offers access to:

  • free training for foster parents;
  • foster care specialists (case managers) to guide and support you;
  • foster parenting support groups;
  • licensed staff available 24/7;
  • community resources especially for Devereux Foster Families;
  • free semi-annual Devereux foster family appreciation sponsored events;
  • free fingerprinting services; and
  • newsletter with parenting tips, resources, and more.

Licensed by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services as a Child Placing Agency.