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Foster Care Program

Become a Foster Parent

Helping a child by providing them with the direction and unconditional love they need—that is what foster care is all about. Becoming a foster parent can give a child another chance at the love and care they deserve.

Devereux Texas is recruiting families and individuals that can provide a safe, nurturing environment for children from birth to age 18. If you have room in your heart and space in your home, please consider serving as a foster parent for a child in need.

Foster Care

Foster care for children was formerly used as a last resort by protective agencies; however, foster care has become more specialized and considered the “treatment of choice” for many children.

Devereux Texas licenses basic, group and therapeutic foster homes in the South Texas area. Our ultimate goal is to provide children with a safe, caring and nurturing home where they can grow and become happy, healthy children within the community.


Foster care parent(s) must:

  • Be a responsible, mature, healthy adult at least 21 years of age with a high school diploma or GED.
  • Have been married, divorced or widowed for at least one year.
  • Have no criminal record or history of abusing children.
  • Be willing to abide by a policy of no physical discipline.
  • Have a driver’s license, auto insurance, homeowner’s insurance and dependable transportation.
  • Have an extra bedroom of adequate size for a child.
  • Be a legal resident of the United States.

For further information on how to become a foster parent contact:

Devereux League City

Kenny Barber

Devereux Victoria 

Kenny Barber