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  • Life Hurts, Devereux heals
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Foster Care Overview

Devereux provides foster care services for children with varying needs, such as traditional foster care, therapeutic foster care, and kinship care.

Traditional and Therapeutic Foster Care

Devereux Therapeutic Foster Care homes utilize an interdisciplinary team approach. Although treatment is team-driven, the natural setting of a family home allows a “custom fit” to meet each child’s needs. The focus of care is emotional and physical health, with an emphasis on developing effective social and coping skills. In addition, attending public school and involvement in extracurricular activities help to promote adaptive social functioning and successful community interaction. A comprehensive assessment of each child is completed at the time of referral. The initial assessment includes reviews of the referral information, interviews with the referring case worker and interviews with the child to determine each child’s special needs. In many cases, the trauma that children have endured manifests itself through mental health diagnoses and challenging behaviors, which justify therapeutic care. Foster parents who provide therapeutic foster care possess a skillset to care for children in a manner which fits their needs, receive additional training to enhance their skills.

Kinship Care

What is known as Kinship Foster Care involves caregivers who are family member or adults friends with close personal ties to the children. Often times, the relatives or adults caring for children in the conservatorship of DFPS do so without being verified as foster parents. Devereux is happy to work with these families so that they may become licensed, and receive additional resources to care for their young loved one(s).