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Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health Texas
Foster Care Program

Foster Care Program

Devereux Foster Care serves children from infancy to 18 years of age. These children have been removed from their biological family due to abuse or neglect. Foster parents are a critical part of each child’s “team.” They are trained to care for children and adolescents who may have challenging behaviors, and provide a nurturing, caring and structured environment within their home. In addition, Devereux case managers are assigned to each child and provide ongoing support and ready access to psychological and/or psychiatric services when indicated.

Learn how to become a Foster Care Parent

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Therapeutic Foster Care

Devereux Therapeutic Foster Care homes utilize an interdisciplinary team approach. Although treatment is team-driven, the natural setting of a family home allows a “custom fit” to meet each child’s needs. The focus of care is emotional and physical health, with an emphasis on developing effective social and coping skills. In addition, attending public school and involvement in extracurricular activities help to promote adaptive social functioning and successful community interaction. A comprehensive assessment of each child is completed at the time of referral. The initial assessment includes reviews of the referral information, interviews with the referring case worker and interviews with the child to determine each child’s special needs.

The Devereux Difference

Case manager services are available to our foster families 24-hours a day, seven days a week. These professionals provide guidance for behavioral issues, assistance with paperwork and documentation, offer in-home training and make visits to the home on a monthly basis or as needed.

  • A clinical team is assigned to each foster child and includes the program manager, case manager, psychiatrist, a clinical therapist, a licensed social worker, the foster parents and the child.
  • Pre-placement visits can be arranged for children stepping down from residential treatment into our foster homes.
  • Devereux provides a streamlined referral process and continuum of care that includes: Basic Foster Care, Therapeutic Foster Care and Residential Treatment. Our foster care model follows the nationally developed philosophy and best practices.
  • Devereux is licensed by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services as a Child Placing Agency.

Devereux Texas receives funds from the Department of Family and Protective Services.