• Life Hurts, Devereux heals
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  • Life Hurts, Devereux heals
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Devereux Texas Services

Devereux Texas is a part of a nationwide network of programs treating individuals of all ages who have a wide range of emotional, behavioral, developmental and psychiatric disorders. Services offered through Devereux-Victoria & League City include:

Residential Services

Serves children and adolescents ages 5-14:
The Children's Program in Victoria provides 24-hour specialized residential treatment to emotionally and cognitively affected boys and girls who have moderate to severe behavioral problems. The goal of the program is to return the child to his or her home or to a less-restrictive treatment setting.

Serves adolescents and young adults ages 13-22:
These programs provide secured long-term services to clients with a wide spectrum of emotional, behavioral, developmental, psychiatric and chemical dependency disorders. Residential treatment services include individual, group and family therapies, along with pre-vocational programs and an accredited educational program.

Serves adults (18 yrs and up):
The Devereux Adult Community provides comprehensive treatment in a residential setting to adults with a variety of mental health and developmental disabilities. Opportunities are offered to Adult Community members to create meaningful work experience, leisure time activities, and social relationships.

Community Based Services

Foster Care for infants and children through age 18:
This program provides care to children who have been removed from their biological families due to abuse and/ or neglect. Foster parents are trained to care for the challenging behaviors these children often exhibit, and are focused on developing effective social and coping skills, and normalization.

 Do you have an abundance of love in your home and heart? Touch the life of a child - become a Foster Parent.

Community Living Program serves Adults (18 yrs and up):
This program provides community support and services to adults with a primary diagnosis of mental retardation or developmental disabilities. The approach of this program is to promote individual functioning, and emphasizes the client’s choice on places to live, school attendance, work, and leisure time activities.