Devereux Arizona - Prevention

The Triple P: Positive Parenting Program®

Triple P is a Parenting Program for parents of enrolled children, ages
5-12 within the Provider Network (QCN).

Triple P is Proven To:
    - Reduce Physical Aggression and Outbursts
    - Building Positive Communication
    - Promote Pro-Social Development
    - Manage Misbehavior through Positive Reinforcement

Effective for children diagnosed with ODD, ADHD, Explosive Disorders
and Impulse Control Problems

Triple P aims to prevent behavioral, emotional and developmental
problems in children by enhancing the knowledge, skills and confidence
of parents.

Triple P connects parents to other parents with children in the
Behavioral Health system and allows the opportunity to build natural

12 weeks of group sessions (2 hours, 1x weekly)
Sessions build upon the last to provide parents with strategies,
techniques and skills that will work in real-life parenting situations.

Simply respond to or see attached about how you
can refer a family today!