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The Art of Recovery


The month of September is recognized throughout the nation as National Recovery Month and is observed by a variety of organizations providing substance abuse and mental health services. As part of the observance, people from all over the nation submit drawings and essays into a competition known as the “Art of Recovery.” This competition is “a showing of art inspired by and reflecting a celebration of recovery from alcoholism, drug addiction, and/or mental illness,” (

At the Devereux Florida Viera Campus, some of the youth participating in the substance abuse treatment program entered drawings into the competition. Entries came from across the nation. Devereux is proud to acknowledge the first and third place winners came from Devereux students! One artist explains her first place drawing...“My poster has a lot of different feelings. If you make the right decisions your life you could be a lot more carefree. Never doubt yourself because if you are really ready, the change begins with you.”

One Devereux artist explains her drawing, featured below left; “for me, it’s a place of full of happiness. When I go to the beach, I feel happy. I feel like I don’t need an escape.” Another Devereux artist explains his drawing featured below right; “There are two hands coming together, that in order to be drug free, you need a helping hand because you cannot do anything by yourself.”

All three Devereux kids have received help from Devereux and are on their way to recovery! To learn about more success stories from the substance abuse treatment program at the Viera Campus, please call 1-800-DEVEREUX (1-800-338-3738).

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