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Representative Steve Crisafulli Tours the Viera Campus


Devereux had the pleasure of hosting Representative Steve Crisafulli (R-district 32) while he visited the Devereux Florida Viera Campus. The Representative wanted to learn more about Devereux, and the impact of the organization in our communities. Representative Crisafulli is a fourth generation native of Brevard County (home of the Viera Campus). Devereux employs over 300 constituents in Brevard and is responsible for contributing over $30 million in economic impact to this area.

Representative Crisafulli is pictured here with a Devereux student and Campus Administrator, Tina Smith at the Devereux School. Also pictured at right, Representative Crisfulli on a walking tour of the campus with Tina Smith, Campus Administrator, and Steve Murphy, Executive Director of Devereux Florida. A heartfelt thanks goes out to Representative Crisafulli for taking the time to shake the hands of the many children and staff at the campus and learn about Devereux.

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