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Top Five5 Reasons to Join Our Team!

Why Join the Devereux Team?  Our Top 5 Reasons come directly from our employees!  Devereux distributes an annual survey to collect valuable feedback from employees, and these are the top 5 reasons that contribute to their overall job satisfaction:

#1 Our Clients & Families

We offer challenging and exciting work that has a positive impact on the lives of thousands of individuals, their families, and the community, each year.

  • Seeing kids successfully discharge back to their families. - Devereux Colorado employee
  • Seeing clients whom you worked with progress to becoming a better, confident, productive individual. - Devereux Pennsylvania employee
  • The fact that I love my job.  I enjoy working with the clients. Most of all I love to see how our clients keep improving.  Even the smallest improvement is a great satisfaction. - Devereux New Jersey employee
  • The children are a huge motivation to come to work. They let you know on a constant basis that you make a difference in their lives. - Devereux New York employee
  • Being able to work with different families and cultures. - Devereux Florida employee

#2 Our Coworkers

They are our support system and provide the team environment we need to be successful at Devereux. They also share our passion, and work together toward a common goal, which creates an empowering and positive work atmosphere.

  • I feel a strong team connection with my coworkers. Everyone I work with is genuinely committed to the mission of Devereux. - Devereux Corporate employee
  • Working with others who care as much as I do about doing a good job. - Devereux Texas-League City employee
  • The willingness of others in time of need. So many people here are willing to jump right in and help. - Devereux Arizona employee
  • A great supportive team that focuses on what is best for our clients. - Devereux Massachusetts employee
  • Everyone is like a family. You feel appreciated and supported when you need it. - Devereux Pennsylvania employee

#3 Our Benefits & Opportunities

You can enjoy a rewarding career while making a difference! In addition to a comprehensive benefits package, we focus on professional development, helping you improve your health and wellness, and balancing your work and personal life.

  • The ability to work the overnights. The time allows me to continue my education. - Devereux New York employee
  • The online training provided and the availability to review training as needed. The educational incentives. - Devereux Pennsylvania employee
  • Great health benefits and retirement contribution. - Devereux Florida employee
  • Opportunity to contribute to the agency in other ways (being a trainer, attending county meetings, attending conferences and informational talks). – Devereux New York employee
  • Having a schedule that is flexible with my school and family life. - Devereux New Jersey employee
  • Devereux provides the opportunity to learn new skills. - Devereux Texas-League City employee

#4 Our Management Team

Our management team makes a big impact on our working lives. Their role is to not only supervise, but to mentor, coach, lead, and motivate our team.  At Devereux, we offer the support and guidance you need to be successful.

  • I am very happy with my supervisor. I feel as though he is very approachable and is there with any questions I may have and has helped guide me with my goals here at Devereux. - Devereux Glenholme (CT) employee
  • Working for a supervisor that makes sure to recognize your work performance. Works with you so you don't get burned out. - Devereux Georgia employee
  • My supervisor is VERY supportive, and shows that my success is important to her as well. - Devereux Florida employee
  • I have the best boss! He always thanks me for job well done.  He works with me with my schedule needs. He makes the job fun! - Devereux Pennsylvania employee
  • My supervisor treats me with respect and motivates me to do the best I can for the clients I work with/for. - Devereux California employee

#5 Our Organization & Mission

Our employees are proud to work for an incredible organization doing incredible things!  We’re a successful and stable organization, providing services for over 100 years to children, adolescents and adults, with a mission to change lives and nurture human potential. What a great reason to come to work!

  • I feel that Devereux is an organization that shares the same moral and ethical values that I do. - Devereux Pennsylvania employee
  • The entire culture of Devereux! The wonderful work environment, open communication with all levels of management, and an honest sense of being appreciated throughout the center. - Devereux Arizona employee
  • The feeling that the services to the Individuals we serve comes first in business decisions. - Devereux New Jersey employee
  • Knowing that my job directly impacts the mission of Devereux. - Devereux Corporate employee
  • The professional manner in which employees are trained and encouraged to exercise the highest standard for care and treatment. - Devereux Florida employee