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The Shops at Devereux: Helping adults with disabilities gain real-world job experience


The Shops at Devereux, part of Devereux Pennsylvania’s vocational training program, provide employment and training opportunities for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The Shops are comprised of several specialized workshops that function as small businesses, producing goods and services for the community.

It addition to critical job skills, adults who work at The Shops learn social skills and life skills, such as how to make a budget and save money.

The Shops at Devereux, part of Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health Pennsylvania’s vocational training program, provide adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities the opportunity to learn valuable and marketable skills in a realistic work environment.

Founded in 1962, The Shops, located in Devon, Pa., are comprised of several specialized workshops that function as small businesses, producing goods and services for the community. Members of the public are encouraged to plan a visit to The Shops to see first-hand the inspirational program in action. 

In addition to obtaining critical job experience, adults employed at The Shops earn a paycheck, while learning social and life skills, such as how to make a budget and save money.  

“The adults we serve put their hearts and souls into everything they do at The Shops,” said Program Administrator Kirk Smith. “Whether they are stuffing and labeling packages, arranging floral bouquets or repairing bicycles and cars – our individuals are gaining real-world, hands-on experience as they work diligently toward acquiring the expertise needed to secure successful and meaningful employment within the community. More importantly, these adults are filled with a sense of pride and accomplishment when they receive their paychecks for their hard work.”

Boosting self-worth and self-esteem

The Shops are a place where individuals not only learn new crafts and competence, but they become more involved with, and connected to, the community. 

“One individual who worked in our Daisy Shop once told me, ‘I can’t believe it, Kirk! I sold my first flower,’” Smith shared. “She felt as though she had discovered a whole new world of possibilities, which boosted her own sense of self-worth and self-esteem. She told everyone in her family about what she had accomplished. This inspired her to continue to work hard and set new goals for herself.”

The Shops at Devereux: Plan your visit today!

The Shops at Devereux are open to the public, Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m.–4 p.m. Stop by to take advantage of the following services: 

  • The Apparel Shop – custom embroidery, silkscreen and digital screening
  • The Auto Shop – full-service automobile mechanic shop – offering everything from state inspections and car washes to brake and engine repair
  • The Bike Shop – full-service bike repair and sales shop
  • The Daisy Shop – full-service floral shop that delivers within a 15-mile radius of Devon location
  • The Greenhouse – specialty plants, seasonal landscape or indoor greenery, fresh and dried herbs
  • Packaging, assembly and clerical work – stuffing, labeling, packaging and shrink wrapping
  • Mobile work crews – office/bathroom cleaning and outdoor litter pickup during daytime hours
  • Recycling crew – paper, plastic and aluminum waste recycling pickup

“Our adults take pride in everything they do and they put significant effort into producing quality work,” Smith explained. “If you need your car inspected, you can be rest assured you will receive exceptional service at a reasonable price at our Auto Shop. If you need flowers for your wedding, our Daisy Shop will create breathtaking floral arrangements for your special day. Plus, when you use our services, you are giving back to the community by supporting Devereux and our mission to unlock human potential. The Shops are a place where our individuals learn and grow, and we are here to support and encourage them every step of the way.”

If you are a business looking to get involved with The Shops, contact Kirk Smith by phone at 610-964-3207 or via email at ksmith5@devereux.org

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