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Devereux Continues to Improve its Quality of Care

[object Object]As part of its ongoing commitment to continuous quality improvement, this year Devereux Florida created a new senior Clinical/Quality position: the Clinical Manager. Assigned to Residential and Community programs, respectively, these two senior clinicians provide support to program staff in the ongoing refinement of clinical programs and processes, the resolution of clinical/programmatic challenges that may arise, and the ongoing professional development of Devereux Florida’s supervisors of clinical services.

Devereux’s commitment to Individualized Services, embodied as the first tenet of its Philosophy of Care, dates back to founder Helena Devereux’s belief that “Every child is a program.” Clinical Managers assist program staff to individualize each episode of care through the completion of specialized psychological assessments, individual case consultation, and additional training on important clinical topics. Through participation in and consultation with Devereux’s treatment teams, Clinical Managers assist professional staff to continually evaluate each youth’s treatment progress and make needed changes to the plan of care for them to achieve maximum benefit.

Consistent with the emphasis upon providing Effective and Accountable Services contained in Devereux’s Philosophy of Care, Clinical Managers aid in the identification and dissemination of clinical Best Practices, as well as the integration of those practices into the services delivered in Devereux programs across the state. In collaboration with program and quality management staff, Clinical Managers help Devereux’s clinicians and other program staff use the information
gathered through individual file reviews, peer review, and other quality improvement activities to continually evaluate and improve Devereux’s services. To learn more about Devereux, visit