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Services for Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Devereux CARES Community Adult Autism Partnership Program (CAAPP)

Downingtown, PA and Strafford, PA (610) 710-4026

CAAPP provides innovative services including community-based support and skill development in communications, social skills, self-care, work-readiness, vocational training, community-based employment experiences and instruction, service learning and volunteer activities.

Available to residents of Chester, Delaware and Montgomery Counties

CAAPP focuses on increasing independence and enhancing the quality of life for individuals ages 18 and over on the autism spectrum. Independence is achieved through the development of Individualized Support Plans (ISPs) that assist the individual with daily living, recreation, community integration/safety and employment.

ISPs are developed in collaboration with the individual’s family/caregiver and anyone else that can contribute to the betterment of the individual.  The goals of the individual’s plan are designed to meet specific needs.  Goals can be changed at anytime during the program to increase effectiveness and better meet the needs of the individual.  During the program, data is collected and analyzed to evaluate the effectiveness of the individual’s plan.

To ensure independence, CAAPP services are provided where the individual spends the most time.  These places include work, the community, and home.  Social interaction is created through opportunities within the community and peers and is highly encouraged.

CAAPP helps individuals seek out and maintain appropriate employment opportunities. This is achieved through job assessment, job finding, and job coaching in conjunction with the Community Supported Employment Program.

CAAPP’s primary funding is provided through the PA Waiver.  This includes the Adult Autism Waiver, ACAP, OBRA, Consolidated Waiver-P/FDS Waiver and School District Funding.  Private pay is also accepted.  CAAPP staff can assist in securing funding for eligible individuals.

For more information please contact Amanda Duffy, Program Director, by email or call (610) 688-8597.

Residential Programs

Our Community Homes and Apartments are located in Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties and are home to Pennsylvanians as well as people from other regions. We can provide as needed or 24/7 staff support in apartments or single family homes. Every person who lives at Devereux has access to clinical services (psychologist or behavioral specialist), nurse, dietician, social worker (sometimes called a "Program Specialist") and other administrative support. Other services offered may include art instruction, music activities and an indoor aquatic therapeutic pool and performance center/gymnasium. People who live at Devereux may choose to live alone or with others in a home or apartment. The following services and supports are included in our homes and apartments:

  • A multi-disciplinary assessment that uses a team approach to collaborate with families, agencies and individuals to determine needs, preferences, goals, interests, and strengths.
  • Appropriate clinical assessments and customized support plans constructed to assure positive outcomes; the development of self-management strategies, self-care, responsibility, decision-making, and independence skill acquisition
  • Opportunities for community participation and leisure/recreational activities
  • Dedicated care from our Direct Support Professional Staff-24 hours, 7 days per week
  • Nursing care and health coordination
  • Assistance in obtaining and managing health and financial benefits
  • Transportation for medical appointments, daily activities, and work
  • Assistance in locating and enrolling in day programs, finding employment or community habilitation activities.


Respite care is designed to provide short-term, temporary care to family members caring for their loved one so that they can have a break from their responsibilities.  Respite stays can be a few days or several months depending on the needs of the family and can either be provided in the individual’s home or another setting.  While this form of care is often planned in advance, it is also available in crisis or emergency situations.

Devereux can provide respite in your home or in one of our community homes, depending on availability. Please contact Admissions at (610) 251-2017 or email dsulli@devereux.org.