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Education Programs

Approved Private School - Devereux PAHelena Devereux was an educator with a pioneering vision – that children with special needs could – and should - excel in school.  Given a curriculum tailored to their unique needs and talents, these boys and girls could flourish and grow.

This innovative spirit guides the educators of Devereux today.  They create positive learning environments that will enable each child to build upon his or her personal strengths to achieve broader achievement and, ultimately, live as healthy, respected individuals within their communities.

Explore Devereux’s diverse learning communities in Chester County and learn how they continue Miss Devereux’s legacy.

Day Education Programs

Education ProgramsChildren with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Intellectual Disabilities, Autism and Emotional Challenges

Behavioral Challenges and Learning Disabilities

Significant Emotional Challenges and Learning Disabilities

Stories of Hope

“My grandson has had severe problems and for several years was in and out of hospitals and residential programs. I prayed for his healing daily.

When his therapist told me that the only way I could help him was to send him to another residential program, I was reluctant.

Fortunately Devereux was the answer to my prayers! He has done so well that he has left the residential program but continues to go to the [Brandywine] day school. He is happy and self-confident thanks to Devereux and the great staff they employ.”

Nancy Rahn
Devereux Grandparent


Devereux PA Resources for Families

Devereux is an integral piece of a larger network of support available to families and caregivers. Click here for a comprehensive list of resources available to individuals with behavioral, emotional and intellectual challenges and their families.

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