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Approved Private Schools

Brandywine School, Glenmoore, PA

Devereux Day School, Downingtown, PA

Mapleton School, Malvern, PA

The Brandywine, Mapleton and Devereux Day School all offer comprehensive lower, middle and upper school education through 12th grade.  A multi-sensory educational strategy is used at all schools, employing traditional instruction, independent learning and technology to individualize a student’s progress in all academic areas, particularly math and reading.  A large focus is also placed on the transition from school to career, with emphasis on career exploration and the development of job-specific and communication skills.

Approved Private School - Devereux PAEach student in the Devereux CBHS schools has an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP), which outlines goals for skill development and the best strategies by which the student can  reach his/her goals.  A multi-disciplinary team, including the individual’s parent(s) or guardian when possible, regularly reviews the plan to discuss challenges, progress and adjustments to goals as appropriate.  Programming is oriented to individual and group needs based on recommendations of diagnostic evaluation, classroom observation, and psychological and psychiatric evaluations.

Core Curriculum:

  • English/Language Arts
  • Mathematics, including Job Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Computer Technology
  • School to Career
  • Art
  • Physical Education
  • Health & Wellness

Programs of note:

  • School to Career training, in-school job placement opportunities
    • Students learn about workplace requirements and responsibilities, important skills and qualities, career planning and how to conduct job searches. Emphasis is also placed on the ability to read, communicate, solve math problems and manage an income.  Newspapers, magazines, technical education, resume writing, interview skills, a Career Fair and trips into the community are integral parts of helping students make the transition from school to work. 
  • “CAS” Program – Character Education, Anti-Bullying, and Social Skills
    • Designed to improve student outcomes in the areas of character education, anti-bullying and pro-social skill competency
  • Comprehensive Study Skills/Organizational Skills course
    • Teaches students effective skills and strategies necessary to be successful learners. Students develop organizational skills, study skills and learning strategies necessary for application across content areas and for daily living. Topics addressed include: Setting Goals, Organizing Your Time, Note Taking and Test Taking.

      Devereux PA Curriculum

  • Student Leadership programs
    • Students are encouraged to participate in the “Lead and Learn Academy” enrichment program, where they are taught leadership skills, self advocacy skills and team building.
    • As Devereux Delegates, students function as school/classroom representatives, tour guides, peer mentors and “buddies.” This program promotes self esteem and encourages students to set goals and work as part of a team.
    • “BAB” Be A Buddy program to new students
  • School-Wide Literacy Program
    • Librarian requires every student to give a verbal report of the books they check out of the library, encouraging conversation, critical thinking, and thorough reading.
  • Special Learning Centers/Programs/Technology
    • Library/Computer Lab
    • Career Scope/School to Career Center
      • Students take a Career Scope® assessment which highlights the test take’s high interest areas and aptitude strengths.  The Career Scope program generates a report with information on the test taker’s general math and language skills. Teachers use this report to show students how academic learning is important in a wide range of various careers. For example, under the assessment profile, “The ability to perform arithmetic operations quickly and accurately” is shown to be important for traditional white collar positions that require analyzing data as well as for blue collar jobs that involve tasks such as measuring wall openings to install windows. This information would then be sent to the math teacher and the student would receive extra tutoring if needed.
  • Life Skills Lab
    • The Life Skills Practice program contains hundreds of 'real-life,' 'hands-on' scenarios that encourage student confidence in dealing with a wide variety of everyday situations.
    • The worksheets are divided into eight units: Being an Employee, Doing Your Banking, Getting Along with Others, Getting Organized, Making Decisions, Running a Household, Understanding Forms and Using a Budget.
  • PLATO Learning Program
    • For elementary and special education students, PLATO teaches phonetic awareness and alphabetic principle through a combination of teacher directed lessons, interactive computer sessions and daily practice. These skills are typically taught in grade K-3, but many of the older students come to Devereux without this knowledge.
  • Scholastic Read 180 Program (Mapleton School)
    • Combines research-based reading practices with technology, combining instructional, modeled and independent reading components. 
  • SRA Reading Program (Devereux Day School)
  • Technology in the Schools – in process
    • Front Row Sound Field Amplification:  Sound field distribution systems include speakers placed throughout the classroom and a small microphone the teacher wears around their neck that transmits their voice throughout the room to improve the audio output for every student in the room.  This technology does not amplify the voice but rather distributes the teachers voice equally throughout the entire classroom as if the teacher is by each of the student’s side at all times.
    • SMARTBoards:  Research has proven that its use increases motivation, attention, and time on-task.  The SMART Board offers an interactive medium with features such as sound, animation, and video recordings that can be used by the teacher during lesson plans.  SMART Boards can be used to teach reading skills with the use of phonological awareness and sight word recognition. 

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