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Devereux Pennsylvania Adult Services Programs

Community Homes and Apartments

Adult ServicesOur Community Homes and Apartments are located in Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties and are home to Pennsylvanians as well as people from other regions... We can provide intermittent support (part-time or as needed) or 24/7 staff support in apartments or single family homes. Every person who lives at Devereux has access to clinical services (psychologist or behavioral specialist), nurse, dietician, social worker (sometimes called a "Program Specialist") and other administrative support. Other services offered may include art instruction, music activities and an indoor aquatic therapeutic pool and performance center/gymnasium. People who live at Devereux may choose to live alone or with others in a home or apartment. The following services and supports are included in our homes and apartments:

  • A multi-disciplinary assessment that uses a team approach to collaborate with families, agencies and individuals to determine needs, preferences, goals, interests, and strengths.
  • Appropriate clinical assessments and customized support plans constructed to assure positive outcomes; the development of self-management strategies, self-care, responsibility, decision-making, and independence skill acquisition
  • Opportunities for community participation and leisure/recreational activities
  • Dedicated care from our Direct Support Professional Staff-24 hours, 7 days per week
  • Nursing care and health coordination
  • Assistance in obtaining and managing health and financial benefits
  • Transportation for medical appointments, daily activities, and work
  • Assistance in locating and enrolling in day programs, finding employment or community habilitation activities.

Supported Living Homes

Adult Services

Supported Living Homes are usually apartments serving one or two adults who are capable of living independently with some supports. Assistance is provided with budgeting, shopping, housekeeping, problem solving, transportation, medical appointments, maintaining health lifestyles, self-care and community integration. Individuals in the apartments are expected to follow guidelines regarding safety in the home and in the community.

Supports provided by Devereux include 24/7 on-call staff, individual and group counseling, psychological assessments, psychiatric, medical and nursing services and employment services or supports for community employment.  Staff supports vary from one hour per week to several hours per week.

In-Home Supports and Services

Adult ServicesAvailable to residents of Chester, Delaware and Montgomery Counties

In-home supports staff helps the individual perform daily living activities and other activities the individual may perform daily.  Notes are taken daily to show what activities were completed.

Funding for In-Home Services is provided through the OBRA, Consolidated Waiver-P/FDS Waiver and Commcare or Independence (OLTL Waivers).  Private pay is also accepted.  Staff can assist in securing funding for eligible individuals.


“Lifesharing” in Pennsylvania is defined as "living and sharing life experiences with supportive persons who form a caring household." Relationships developed through Lifesharing enrich the quality of life of people with disabilities as they become part of a family and the community where they live and provides people with:

  • Individualized, flexible programming
  • Stable, long-term relationships
  • Integration into the community
  • Increased access to social events
  • Support to reach his or her goals and dreams
Lifesharing is available for Pennsylvania adults with disabilities.  Eligibility is determined by the Pennsylvania County Offices of Developmental Disabilities. Please contact your local County Office for more details about eligibility or call Devereux Admissions at 610 251-2017 or email

Campus-Based Living

Adult Services - Berwyn, PA

On its beautiful campus in Berwyn, Devereux Pennsylvania Adult Services offers a supportive environment to ladies and gentlemen with intellectual disabilities and mental health needs.  Comprehensive life enrichment programs promoting self-improvement, decision making, life skills, task completion, community involvement, recreation and family collaboration are the goal at each of the eight campus homes.

The staff strives to provide enrichment activities at every turn, especially when offered in the community.  Our ladies and gentlemen:

  • Attend cultural and sporting events across the area
  • Participate in Adult Boy Scouting
  • Compete in Special Olympics and other recreational leagues
  • Stay healthy through visiting community walking trails in parks throughout Chester County
  • Enjoy trips to restaurants, movie theaters and local stores
  • Volunteer their time to help others in the community

Our ladies and gentleman also have access to the beautiful Mendelson Community Center.

A special group of our adults, in addition to intellectual disabilities and mental health needs, also have complex physical healthcare needs as well.  Opened in May of 1994, Hankin Health Services provides comprehensive around-the-clock care for 32 adults who need specialized medical attention.  This expert level of care is provided by a group of five board-certified family physicians, led by Medical Director William L. Carroll, MD.  These doctors, and the nurses and staff who work with them, provide exceptional care with the same focus on positive approaches and individual dignity found across the Whitlock continuum of services.  This philosophy is summarized by Dr. Carroll’s expectations of the staff: “I expect everyone involved in the continuum of care at Devereux and Hankin Health Services to care for our folks as though they are a member of his or her family.” 


Respite care is designed to provide short-term, temporary care to family members caring for their loved one so that they can have a break from their responsibilities.  Respite stays can be a few days or several months depending on the needs of the family and can either be provided in the individual’s home or another setting.  While this form of care is often planned in advance, it is also available in crisis or emergency situations.

Devereux can provide respite in your home or in one of our community homes, depending on availability. Please contact Admissions at (610) 215-2017 or email

Employment Services

The Shops at Devereux, located in Devon, PA, provide employment and training opportunities for persons with disabilities. The Shops are small businesses that produce goods and services for the community and are open to the public Monday through Friday from 9am-4pm. Revenue is re-invested into the program to continue to provide employment opportunities and enhance our therapeutic environment and also to provide bi-weekly paychecks for all individuals.

The Shops offers the following features and benefits:

  • Variety of work settings
  • Competitive Pay – prevailing wages rates, performance evaluations and piece rates/hourly rates
  • Active Engagement Model (engage, teach, provide raise/encouragement)
  • Social Skills and self –esteem
  • Hot/cold freshly prepared meals and salads for lunch
  • Nurse available on-site for medication administration

Community Supported Employment

Available to residents of Chester, Delaware and Montgomery Counties

Employment ServicesThe overall goal of Community Supported Employment (CSE)is to achieve independence that is appropriate and comfortable for the individual within his or her community-based employment position by utilizing natural supports.  As the individual develops confidence and acquires the skills needed to maintain employment, job coaching is eliminated when appropriate.

Job assessments are conducted to identify individualized strengths, weaknesses, and preferences of the individual. Employment Specialists work with individuals on resume building, interview skills, and social interactions. Job coaches are then used to assist the individual with maintaining their employment. Ongoing communication between the Employment Specialist and employer help determine any problems or issues an individual may encounter while working.

CSE’s primary funding is provided through the Adult Autism Waiver, ACAP, OBRA, Consolidated Waiver-P/FDS Waiver and Base funding for individuals with residential placement.  Private pay is also accepted.  CSE staff can assist in securing funding for eligible individuals.

Our individuals are currently working in a variety of work settings, including:

  • Acme Markets - Paoli and Devon
  • Chester County Animal Hospital
  • Conner-Williams Nursing Home - Ridley Park
  • CPCU - King of Prussia
  • Fair Acres Geriatric Center- Lima
  • Kitty Cottage - Norristown
  • Oddysey Healthcare - Blue Bell
  • Patty Mac's Cafe - Berwyn
  • Rite Aide Pharmacy - Devon and King of Prussia
  • TJ Maxx - St. David's
  • Toby’s Canine Camp
  • Wegman's - Malvern
  • Woodlynde School - Wayne

Devereux also employs individuals in various areas of its operations, including food service, animal assisted therapy and office settings.

Pre-Employment Day Program

Devereux Pennsylvania Adult Services’ ALPHA Program is a pre-employment program that encourages people with disabilities to develop work, social skills and communication competencies.   The goal of ALPHA is to prepare individuals in the acquisition of identified skills to work in an employment program, in competitive employment or in volunteer positions in the community. ALPHA is located in Berwyn in the Mendelson Community Center of the Adult Services’ campus.  Individuals attending this program have opportunities to swim twice a day in our indoor aquatic therapy pool at the same location as well as take a break from tasks to play a game of volleyball or other games offered throughout the day. Also, occasionally community trips to local sporting events and other activities are provided for small groups.

The ALPHA Program also has a full kitchen and individuals can receive instruction in meal preparation. A hot/cold lunch is provided on a daily basis. The hours for the Alpha Program are 5 days per week, 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM.

CAAPP (Community Adult Autism Partnership Program)

Available to residents of Chester, Delaware and Montgomery Counties

CAAPP focuses on increasing independence and enhancing the quality of life for individuals ages 18 and over on the autism spectrum. Independence is achieved through the development of Individualized Support Plans (ISPs) that assist the individual with daily living, recreation, community integration/safety and employment.

ISPs are developed in collaboration with the individual’s family/caregiver and anyone else that can contribute to the betterment of the individual.  The goals of the individual’s plan are designed to meet specific needs.  Goals can be changed at anytime during the program to increase effectiveness and better meet the needs of the individual.  During the program, data is collected and analyzed to evaluate the effectiveness of the individual’s plan.

To ensure independence, CAAPP services are provided where the individual spends the most time.  These places include work, the community, and home.  Social interaction is created through opportunities within the community and peers and is highly encouraged.

CAAPP helps individuals seek out and maintain appropriate employment opportunities. This is achieved through job assessment, job finding, and job coaching in conjunction with the Community Supported Employment Program.

CAAPP’s primary funding is provided through the PA Waiver.  This includes the Adult Autism Waiver, ACAP, OBRA, Consolidated Waiver-P/FDS Waiver and School District Funding.  Private pay is also accepted.  CAAPP staff can assist in securing funding for eligible individuals.

Contact Maggie Haag, Program Director, for more information

Community Living Program for Individuals with Brain Injury (CLIBI)

The goal of the Community Living Program for Individuals with Brain Injury (CLIBI) is to empower each person to discover their innate strength and unique talents by providing each person we serve with a customized plan of therapeutic and daily supports to help increase the individual’s capacities of self-direction, self-management, and potential. CLIBI provides individuals the opportunity to live in a community setting with help and guidance in finding and retaining a job, finding a volunteer opportunity or a vocational program, learning how to arrange for public transportation, planning and arranging for participation in social and recreational activities, building friendships and relationships and developing a network of natural supports in the community.

Click here to read the Program Description

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