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Devereux Pennsylvania Adult Services (formerly known as the "Whitlock Center") serves nearly 400 adults living in homes and apartments located throughout southeast Pennsylvania as well as our Berwyn community, which was the site of one of Miss Devereux's first schools. Our dedicated team of 600 staff, ranging from highly-specialized clinicians and nurses through to recreational and direct staff professionals, all work to one common goal the happiness, self-fulfillment and social integration of each adult in our community.

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Our Culture of Caring

One will often hear Devereux staff and others talk about our "Culture of Caring". Devereux Pennsylvania Adult Services achieves a Culture of Caring by supporting and caring for our employees and the individuals we serve. We view ourselves as an extended family that care and help each other. We encourage families and others who care about the individuals we serve to partner with us and become members of our multidisciplinary teams, so that we can use all of our resources, talents, experience, skills and knowledge to inspire hope and empower the lives of those we serve.

All of our programs are licensed by the PA Department of Public Welfare.

Community Living Homes and Apartments
Our homes located in neighborhoods across three counties provide a wide range of supports and services depending on an individual's needs, their preferences and choices, interests and level of independence.  Supports are customized and may vary throughout a person's life.

More information on Community Living Homes and Apartments

Supported Living Homes
Devereux PA Adult Services offers Independent Living Programs located in Chester County, usually in an apartment setting. All supports are provided as needed and are individualized  Staff may help with budgeting money, guidance, interpersonal skills, assistance in scheduling social activities, and serve as communicators with employers.

More information on Supported Living Homes

In-Home Supports and Services
Available to residents of Chester, Delaware and Montgomery Counties

In-Home Services is a program in which trained staff provides care for adults with intellectual disabilities within the home and community and is designed to help individuals gain independence.

More information on In-Home Services

Through Lifesharing, individuals live with "host" families interested in providing homes for people with disabilities. The program offers:

  • The opportunity to choose where and with whom you live
  • Supportive relationships in the community
  • Exploration of creative possibilities for the future

More information on Lifesharing

Campus-Based Living
For individuals who require a more sophisticated level of care than can be provided in community living, Devereux provides a range of campus-based residential and supported living environments.  Community integration and personal fulfillment through varied activities are paramount to individual happiness.

More information on Campus-Based Living

Respite care enhances personal and family health by providing necessary physical care and recreational activities while offering parents and caregivers a well-deserved break.

More information on Respite

Employment Services
Employment Services at Devereux PADevereux offers a wide array of employment options for its ladies and gentlemen in order to provide each individual a personally-fulfilling work experience.  Options range from pre-employment settings which stress task and life skill development through to community-based employment supported by a job coach.  The Shops at Devereux are well-regarded in the community as a source of distinctive products and services produced by exceptional people. 

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Community Adult Autism Partnership Program (CAAPP)
Available to residents of Chester, Delaware and Montgomery Counties

Devereux’s CAAPP effort provides community-based state-of-the-art support services to adults with autism spectrum disorders and their families.  The primary goal will be to provide instruction and support across work, community, college, and home environments that will facilitate consumers in becoming productive, socially connected, and personally fulfilled members of his or her local community.

More information on CAAPP

Community Living Program for Individuals with Brain Injury (CLIBI)
Devereux PA Adult Services provides residential supports for individuals with brain injuries and other cognitive/neurological impairments which facilitates opportunities for participation in community living and meaningful daily activities with the needed supports and supervision to ensure the wellbeing of the individual.

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