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Adult ServicesAt Devereux Pennsylvania Adult Services, "Inspiring Hope and Empowering Lives" is more than just words. It is our guiding principle in providing extraordinary services and supports for exceptional ladies and gentlemen. We have dedicated ourselves to empowering each person to discover their innate strengths, unique talents and their potential to live a meaningful and productive life.

What We Do

We provide supports and services for adults with a wide range of disabilities including autism spectrum disorders (ASD), emotional and behavioral disorders, intellectual/developmental disabilities and acquired/traumatic brain injuries.

Every aspect of this comprehensive effort indeed, each component of the entire Devereux experience is guided by our Philosophy of Care, which is comprised of three fundamental principles:

  • Positive Approaches - Finding a Positive way to work through each situation
  • Individualized Services - Every Person is Unique
  • Effective and Accountable Services - Using information to ensure positive outcomes

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Devereux Pennsylvania Adult Services offers:

Stories of Hope

Stories of Hope - Mosko

Devereux has been a miracle. After graduating at 21, our son lived at home and worked in a vocational program. We were often overwhelmed by his behavior at home, and it affected our relationships and interactions with one another.

Six years ago, we found Devereux. The staff has always worked to support and grow his skills and abilities. He has developed and matured so much - he is working in the community at a major grocery store chain, banking, using a debit card and living as a considerate and responsible roommate.

Devereux has helped our son come into his own. He has more friends now and is happy and proud of his accomplishments. We cannot thank you enough.

Linda and Norman Mosko

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