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Devereux CARES

Parent Participation and Responsibilities

Employment at CARES

The Devereux CARES hires and provides training to staff members in the following fields:

Special Education: Certified teachers are hired for all classrooms. Special Education teachers are responsible for IEP development, individualized curriculum development, parent communication, and staff supervision in their assigned classroom. Many of our teachers have been employed at CARES as behavior specialists. We are happy to “hire from within” as well as recruit teachers from other experiences.

Behavior Specialists: Classroom staff are called “behavior specialists” (in contrast to “teacher’s aide” or “teacher’s assistant” in a public school). The behavior specialist is in a unique position of being able to provide direct instruction to assigned students, as well as to learn data collection, graphing and analysis tasks. The behavior specialist may also have the opportunity to be a peer mentor, accompany a student to a public school, or support a student at a community job site.

Related services: DMLC has both staff members and consultants who provide expertise in the related services of speech, occupational and physical therapy. All related service staff have experience in procedures that are effective for students with autism and coordinate with classroom staff to improve opportunities to practice speech, OT, and PT goals outside of their instruction.

Staff are required to have Bachelor’s degrees in a school-related field, although this requirement may be waived by the Principal given exceptional experience. Many of CARES staff are currently in school to obtain advanced degrees in special education, psychology, or related services.

CARES is also a site for high-school volunteers who are required to obtain community service experience, and college students who are interested in exploring serving the autism community as a career path.

The Devereux Foundation provides an extensive benefits package that includes medical insurance, dental insurance, prescription coverage, employee assistance programs, tuition assistance, and 403(b) participation.

For information about volunteering or employment at the Devereux CARES please contact Arthur Roberts, Director of Human Resources at (845) 758-1899.