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Real Life Choices

  1. "Our anniversary is coming up next month and we'd really like to get away for the weekend - what can you do?"

    Devereux can provide care for your child in your home while you are away, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can provide respite in your own home, thus keeping your child in a familiar setting.

  1. "Our family is learning how to use the PECS system so that we can better communicate with my child. Can you help us with this learning process?"

    Yes. Devereux staff members are trained to work with individuals who use many types of communication devices, including PECS. We can guide your family as you learn together how to use this system.

  1. "My child's day program ends at 3:00 pm, but I work until 5:00 pm - what can you do?"

    Devereux can come and provide services for those "in-between" times for your child.

  1. The local Parks and Recreation Committee holds dances every month for people with disabilities. I am unable to take my child because of my work schedule, but I'd like him to socialize with his peers in the community. Can you help?"

    Devereux can chaperone your child to the dance, and even introduce him to some of the other individuals we work with!

Please forward any questions to RealLifeChoices@devereux.org.