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A Message from Our President

Dear Friends,

Today is an exciting day for our organization – we have announced our name change and an expanded brand promise. Effective immediately, we will be known as Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health. Accompanying our new name is a refreshed tagline: Unlocking Human Potential that highlights our focus and leadership in serving people with emotional, behavioral and cognitive differences.

Devereux Advance Behavioral Health: Unlocking Human Potential

Our new name and brand promise are the result of more than two years of extensive research and discussion with families, clients, clinicians and other staff, regulators, educators, donors, community advisors and allied health professionals.

Our new name – Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health – reflects our renewed commitment to advancing the field of behavioral healthcare in America, in the great tradition of our founder Helena Devereux, who, more than a century ago, set the education system on its ear by demanding children with special needs be treated with respect, and provided with a meaningful education and place in the world.

Our bold new brand promise more accurately communicates our unique approach to providing truly advanced behavioral healthcare that combines the most cutting-edge medical and clinical interventions with the art of deeply compassionate care. Most importantly, this advanced model of care, with its focus the whole person healthcare integration, will help to end the crippling stigma people with emotional, behavioral and cognitive differences face every day. We have never been in a stronger position to embrace our leadership role in the field of behavioral healthcare.

A Century-Old Mission Rooted in You

As always, the strength of our organization’s mission and success remains rooted in you – our dedicated and exceptional staff, families, and loyal friend, whose support continues to advance the quality of care across our myriad programs, locations and service areas. Our new name and brand mission reflect the exceptional care currently provided and the hard work that all members of the Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health family pursue in order to advance our work, our mission and above all, the quality of life for those in our care.

Yours truly,

Robert Q. Kreider
President and CEO of Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health  

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