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Jack's Success Story

Devereux - Success Story

Devereux - Jack's Success Story Jack enrolled in the Devereux Center for Autism Research and Educational Services (CARES), a specialized pre-school, in 2005 at the age of five after a long struggle with speech development and interpersonal interaction. A beautiful young boy with blue eyes and thick sandy blonde hair, Jack had been diagnosed with autism and spoke very little, had difficulties completing daily tasks and was resistant to change.

"When we first found came to Devereux, we were lost," said Jack's mother, Kim. "Devereux showed us the way." Kim discovered the Devereux CARES program, through her own online internet research, and saw results shortly after enrolling Jack in the program.

"From our first consultation, it was the individual care the Devereux teachers gave Jack that allowed him to succeed in the way that was best for him," says Kim. "It was remarkable the way the teachers were able to connect with Jack. It gave our family a huge sense of relief that somebody was getting through to him. We knew Devereux was the place for us."

Jack began to find the people around him more interesting and as he became more social, his verbal skills improved dramatically. Soon Jack was able to move to an academic classroom and was working on grade level. He truly seemed to enjoy interacting with peers and adults.

Jack began inclusion in a mainstream classroom one day per week in his home school district with the assistance of a CARES staff member. He continued to excel in his academic and social skills. Jack increased his time in the classroom and soon it was time for his transition back to his home school district fulltime.
v "Devereux offered us the opportunity to slowly introduce Jack to his home school district, which made all the difference. It wasn't an abrupt change. We started slowly with a few days a week, pulling back when necessary and moving forward when we saw progress. No other provider offered us this method," says Kim.

Jack's mom continues to update the CARES team on Jack's progress and says that he speaks about his teachers and friends at CARES often. In addition to his progress at school, Jack is also getting along better with his younger sister, Ava.

Kim says, "We are so thankful for everything Devereux has done for Jack. His school and home life are drastically different, and we couldn't have done it without them."