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Training Model

Devereux has adopted a training model that maximizes benefits to interns as well as Devereux clients. Each intern selects and is appointed to a treatment program that is consistent with the intern’s training needs, professional goals, and personal interests. This full-year assignment is the cornerstone of Devereux training and provides a number of advantages:

  • The model allows the intern to become fully integrated within the clinical treatment team and the program ecology.
  • The model enables the intern to carry cases throughout the year and, thereby, ensures that the intern gains experience with all phases of psychotherapeutic intervention.
  • The model allows for the development of a close and consistent relationship with the supervising psychologists.
  • The model facilitates the development of clinical expertise and enhances the intern’s sense of competence and accomplishment.

At each of the training sites there is a wide range of client abilities and diagnoses, and the supervising psychologists are careful in selecting an intern’s case load to provide a variety of clinical experiences. Breadth of exposure to a variety of clinical populations and treatment philosophies is further enhanced through the interns’ Treatment  Methods Seminar Series (See Seminar Series).

Since its inception, the pre-doctoral internship program at Devereux has been administered by the Institute of Clinical and Professional Training and Research (ICPTR). Housing the internship within a national department has many advantages to the intern. First and foremost, it preserves and protects the training mission of the internship. Second, it provides access to resources beyond those of the assigned training program, such as the Devereux Professional Library, continuing education programs and the research staff at ICPTR. Third, it broadens the interns’ exposure to organizational dynamics and national behavioral health care issues.