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Our Medical Director


As the proud parent of an adult and a young child, I have certainly had the opportunity to “practice what I preach.” I believe in providing the highest quality of treatment to children in my care; no less than what I would expect for my own children if they were in need. Each child has strengths, and it is our job to nurture those strengths in a way that helps the child to experience success. My focus is on the “whole” child, including the family system. While the clarification of diagnoses and evaluation of the appropriateness of medication management may be an integral part of the treatment plan, giving your child the skills they need to succeed is a priority. Choosing the appropriate placement for your child can be a challenge, especially during times of crisis. I believe in our treatment philosophy at Devereux, our devoted staff members, and our evidence-based clinical programs. As a physician and a parent, my hope is to reassure you that you are making the right decision in choosing Devereux to meet your family's needs.

Yolanda Graham, M.D.