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Devereux Georgia

When families experience crisis, children suffer most.  We can help!

The Devereux Georgia Treatment Network (Devereux Georgia) is located on a secure, tree-lined, 40-acre campus in Kennesaw, Georgia. Devereux Georgia is licensed to serve 100 children up to the age of 21, who are experiencing emotional and behavioral challenges brought on by abuse, neglect, mental illness, sexual exploitation, or intellectual/developmental disabilities. They struggle with mental health and/or emotional challenges including major depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Symptoms of their illness often manifest in expulsion from school, additional disrupted foster care placements, and even placement in the juvenile or criminal justice system.

Devereux Georgia Campus

Devereux Georgia is a campus, not a building!

In many instances, Devereux Georgia is the last hope for many of these children.  Without the care and services we provide, these children may be lost into a world of helplessness, homelessness or crime.

We help children learn how to manage their mental, emotional and behavioral disorders.  They develop the competency and confidence to achieve once-unthinkable goals such as literacy, graduation from high school and the acquisition of basic job readiness skills, so they may lead happy, productive lives, and become self-sufficient members of the community. 

If you believe a child would benefit from our services, contact our Admissions Office for more information. 
Cliff Taylor or 678-303-5233
Brenda Thurmond or 678-303-5234

Devereux Georgia - Programs & Services

Devereux Georgia is Accredited by the Joint Commission, and offers the following:

  • Psychiatric residential treatment facility for children 10-21
  • Continuum of care with individualized treatment plans
  • Team of specialists including psychiatrists, therapists, clinical staff and others
  • Specialty Foster Care program geared toward permanency
  • Transitional Living Group Home for males 17-21 (Project P.L.U.S.)
  • Therapeutic Group Home in cottages on campus for adolescent males and females (MAAC PLUS)
  • Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) accredited school
  • Network of specialists in Devereux centers throughout the country

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Find out more about volunteer opportunities.

Devereux Georgia is working to combat the sexual exploitation of children. 

If you saw the story published online in the Huffington Post or on WPBA radio last week, you know there has been an increase in the commercial sexual exploitation of children.  FBI statistics rank Atlanta among the cities with the greatest incidence of this problem, affecting 200 to 500 children a month.  The Huffington Post states, “The reality is that many of those who once sold drugs have learned that a young girl can be sold repeatedly for higher amounts than a drug that can be sold only once for a set price. They have learned quickly that it is more profitable than drug dealing.”  List of potential signs someone may be a victim:

Devereux Georgia Advisory Board Members

Joint Commission Accredited DHS Logo SACS Accredited School MAAC Member Grants to Green Partner

Recruiting, hiring, and promoting persons in all job classifications, and all human resources actions such as compensation, benefits, transfers, demotions, lay-offs, terminations, education programs, and all other terms and conditions of employment will be administered without regard to race, religion, sex, color, age, citizenship status, physical or mental disability, national origin, marital status, gender identity or expression, or sexual orientation.


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Clark Howard

"If you have listened to the Clark Howard Show, you have heard me stress the importance of spending wisely.  Investing in the youth at Devereux is a wise decision."   Clark Howard, Devereux Advisory Board Member.

Supervisory Excellence Award          

Germel Allen 
Winner of Devereux Georgia
Supervisory Excellence Award 2014  




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