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Devereux Georgia Directions

Devereux Georgia - Directions

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To Devereux Campus from Interstate 75

  1. Devereux is located at 1291 Stanley Road, a block north of Barrett Parkway, not too far from Town Center Mall. 
  2. From I-75 North, go west on Barrett Parkway, crossing highway 41 (Cobb Parkway).
  3. Continue west until you reach the light at Stilesboro Rd.  Go right on Stilesboro Rd.
  4. The first traffic light will be at Stanley Road.  Turn right on Stanley Road.  You will pass the side of Mt. Paran School and then cross some railroad tracks.  Just as you cross the railroad tracks, you will see our driveway running along the edge of the tracks. 
  5. Turn in and come to the gate.  Press the button and to page the receptionist, and then pull up to the gate when she tells you to.  The gate will not open until it senses the presence of a car. 
  6. Turn right into the parking lot in front of the first building to your right, the 100 Building.  Go inside register with the receptionist.