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Schizophrenic Disorder (For more information please see Devereux's Schizophrenia Topic Center.)

Bobby was 16 years old when he entered the Evaluation and Stabilization Unit of Devereux Florida's Adolescent Service Program. He had a three-year history of substance abuse and carried a diagnosis of Schizophrenic Disorder, evidenced by paranoia, compulsive cleaning, auditory hallucinations, and catatonia. He was easily confused, with delusional thought processes and disorganized, tangential speech. Bobby was depressed, had poor social skills, and frequently ran away from home. Testing also revealed mild Mental Retardation.

Prior to Devereux, Bobby's behaviors led to numerous psychiatric hospitalizations and many years of outpatient care, but nothing made a lasting impact His mother reported a drastic change in his behavior after discharge from one of these hospital stays. He refused to attend school, was suspended, and then expelled.

After just 12 months of treatment on the adolescent unit at Devereux in Florida, Bobby attained the highest level of independence possible in that program and no longer needed special interventions to maintain control over himself. Today he is able to confront his fears and concerns about the future in a positive, constructive way. His family supports his growth; together, they participate in family therapy, benefiting their relationship. Bobby is making progress in school and participates in a retail management training program. Medication effectively controls his psychotic symptoms.

When Bobby left the adolescent unit, he moved into a program that focuses on the treatment of young adults. Here, he will continue his schooling, develop his work skills, and take the next step toward independent living.