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Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (For more information please see Devereux's ADHD Topic Center.)

When Daniel came to Devereux Florida's Children's Treatment Unit in December 1995, he was just eight years old and already a victim of physical and sexual abuse. His mother had an untreated, severe psychiatric disorder; both parents actively and openly abused drugs. Daniel witnessed domestic violence and had even experienced a period of homelessness. At age six, he was hospitalized for suicidal threats, hearing voices, and serious self-injurious behavior. Outpatient, day treatment and placement in a shelter were all attempted.

Throughout his long involvement with the mental health and social service systems, Daniel acquired numerous psychiatric diagnoses, including: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; Oppositional/Defiant Disorder; Early Onset Dysthymia; and Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. His behavior was characterized by temper outbursts during which he often spit on, punched or kicked other children. He threw toys, punched holes in walls, tore up clothing, and was prone to periods of crying, yelling, and cursing. He didn't respond well to intervention by adults.

After just nine months of treatment in the Devereux Florida's Children's Treatment Unit, Daniel showed significant improvement. Although still angry over his situation, he developed skills to help him cope with his anger. His relationship with his younger siblings improved and he was better able to deal with issues regarding separation from his family. Along with improved participation and performance in school, Daniel decreased his physical and verbal aggression. His attitude was enriched by a more optimistic view of the world.

Living in a therapeutic foster home with his brother, Daniel has supervised visits with his parents. He continues to receive individual therapy as well as family therapy with his parents and younger brother to help him address unresolved issues.