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Devereux Florida has earned an impeccable reputation for demonstrating success in providing treatment to individuals diagnosed with a combination of mental illness and developmental disabilities. All of our programs utilize a treatment model based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, with the goal of treating each individual in the least-restrictive setting possible. Devereux is the largest provider of mental health and developmental disabilities services in the Unites States and the only provider with the expertise to offer the full continuum of services in the area of Dual Diagnosis in Florida.

With over 40 programs throughout the state of Florida, Dual Diagnoses services are offered in residential, group home, foster care, home and other community-based settings.

Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a scientific and empirically driven treatment method used to improve behaviors of social significance. By applying principles of behavior and actively using techniques grounded in ABA, Devereux Florida has been successful in creating and maintaining positive changes and remains the treatment of choice in Devereux’s developmental disabilities programs.

By using ABA techniques, Devereux Florida’s behavior analysts are able to identify behaviors in objective and measurable terms and determine the functions of targeted behaviors. Effective and efficient treatment methods are then developed to decrease the problem behaviors and teach appropriate replacement behaviors. The ABA treatment process begins with a thorough functional assessment. This assessment provides the team with a comprehensive overview of the behaviors in need of reduction, their function and other pertinent information about the individual’s history. Once the assessment is concluded, a behavior program is then developed and clearly addresses how target problem behaviors shall be reduced, and replacement skills that will be taught to the individual. The behavior program is implemented by trained staff and changes are continuously assessed over time through daily data collection with data being reviewed and studied by a behavior analyst. Modifications to behavior programs are made where necessary and all programs are implemented with the supervision of a Master’s or PhD level certified behavior analyst.

Devereux prides itself in providing high quality ABA treatment and employs qualified Board Certified Associate Behavior Analysts (BCABA) and Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) to provide ABA treatment for its programs.

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Dual Diagnosis Programs

Devereux Florida provides services to individuals with Dual Diagnosis in residential, group home, foster care, in-home and in other community-based settings.

The Dual Diagnosis Center (DDC) provides treatment for children and adolescents with symptoms of both mental illness and mental retardation (IQ's of 40-70). The center is a 24-hour residential, providing capacity for over 50 residents, ages 5-17. The Developmental Disabilities Group Homes are homes in the community that offer individuals who have moderate to sever behavior challenges a less-restrictive setting to live and acquire independent skills. The Family Care program provides a foster home setting, specifically designed for children and adults with developmental disabilities.