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Outpatient Psychiatric Services

Devereux Florida offers a wide array of outpatient psychiatric services for children, adolescents and adults ages one and older. Devereux Florida’s Family Counseling Centers provide in-clinic and community-based mental health services. 

Devereux utilizes the skillful experience of Masters level therapists with professional credentials in psychology, counseling and social work. Devereux therapists are trained in a variety of disciplines such as mental health counseling, social work, psychology and marriage/family therapy and specialize in areas such as sexual abuse, family relations, behavior modification, and childhood issues. Psychiatrists are available at each site to provide psychiatric evaluations and medication management when deemed appropriate.

For more detailed information about our Outpatient Psychiatric Services, please visit the Family Counseling Center

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To make an appointment or for additional information, call (321) 441-1030.