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Outpatient & Family Counseling Center      321.441.1030

The Devereux Family Counseling Center provides individual, family and group therapy to children and families in the office, home and school settings in Orange, Osceola and Seminole counties. The center provides services to adults, adolescents and children ages 1 and older. Click here for more information. 


Residential Treatment      1.800.DEVEREUX (1.800.338.3738) ext. 77130

Searching for the right services and programs can be overwhelming and stressful. Our Central Referral Unit team members are experts on Devereux Florida’s specialized services. Based on you, your family member or your client’s specific medical needs they can help guide you into which program or services would best fit your needs.

An Admissions Coordinator will work with you to expedite your admission.

To talk to an Admissions Coordinator, please call 1.800.DEVEREUX (1.800.338.3738) ext. 77130. 

Admissions Process

Step 1 – Gather All Documentation Needed

The following documentation is needed in order to complete an application with Devereux Florida’s Central Referral Unit:

  1. Current Psychiatric Evaluation and/or Assessment
  2. Psychological Testing with IQ Score
  3. Bio-psychosocial history
  4. Current Physical (within last 6 months) and information about any medical problems
  5. Current Dental Records (within past 6 months)
  6. Treatment Plans from current program
  7. School information, including IEP

* Supporting Documentation (needed if accepted):

  1. Birth Certificate and Social Security Card
  2. Immunization Record and IEP
  3. List of current medications, medication court order/consent and medications
  4. Court order of guardianship (if dependent)
  5. Call and Visitation permission list
  6. HIPPA release form for anyone needing a release of information (i.e. family, agency, caseworks, funders, GAL/AAL, school)

Step 2 – Submit Referral and Documentation

To submit a referral, please call 1.800.DEVEREUX (800.338.3738) ext. 77130 or email Please provide all of the above needed (1-7) documentation to the Central Referral Unit via fax (321.242.1573) or secure e-mail to The Central Referral Unit will review within 24 hours. An Admissions Coordinator will contact you to discuss the referral and to make arrangements for admission.

Step 3 – Admission

Once you receive admission approval you will work collaboratively with the Admissions Coordinator on funding approval travel arrangements prior to placement. The legal guardian will need to sign admission paperwork prior to or at the time of admission. At the time of admissions the individual will need to bring two weeks of clothing and all medications. * Linens and hygiene items are supplied at the program.

Devereux Kids - Program Referrals

Sulphur Springs Family Support Service

Family Team Conferencing (FTC) is a solution-focused method that draws on the families past success in solving problems, determines circumstances when the family is currently able to solve the problem and develops the family’s vision for a preferred future.

The GAP Project

Devereux Kids’ Gap Program started in Circuit 10 in May 2007, serving Polk, Highlands and Hardee Counties to assist relative and non-relative caregivers within the first 30 days of a child being placed into their home.

Devereux Kids Circuit 5

Family Team Conferencing and Parenting Journey Program from IRP Specialists and Dependency Case Managers Only can submit their referrals through our online referral system. Referrals should be submitted online for the following dependency programs:

  • IRP referral for FTC
  • Parenting Journey Program