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Independent Living Transitional Services

Devereux Florida is committed to providing older teens and young adults (ages 18-23) services to successfully transition them to living independently in our community.  The Road to Success Program (RTS), a part of Devereux Florida’s Independent Living Transitional Services, strives to assist young adults in becoming more responsible and self-sufficient, all while creating a vision of a positive future. 

The overall goals of the RTS Program is to assist young adults who were formerly in foster care to obtain life skills and education for independent living and employment, to have a quality of life appropriate for their age and to assume personal responsibility for becoming self-sufficient and productive citizens.

Services provided through our RTS Program include, but are not limited to:

  • Service Programs (RTI, Transition and Aftercare)
  • Individual/Mental Health Counseling Services
  • Financial Literacy
  • Educational Support
  • Employability Support
  • Housing Services
  • Career Preparation

For more information, please call (863) 595-0167.

Devereux Independent Living Program
1850 Olympian Way – Winter Haven, FL 33881
Phone: (863) 595-0167
Fax: (866) 738-9203