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Family Support & Visitation Center

Family Support & Visitation Center (FSVC) Program offers four services: supervised visitation, parenting classes, transportation and case management. Visitation services and parenting classes are not interdependent.

Located in Orange County, the FSVC provides a safe, neutral, nurturing and child-friendly environment, where children who have been taken into state custody, due to allegations of abuse or neglect, can maintain or develop relationships with their family members and interact with each other through various activities. Activities include such things as playing board games, reading books, playing outside on the playground, working on schoolwork or sharing family mealtime.

Supervised visitation generally has been ordered by the court as a means of assessing family dynamics and appropriateness for reunification. Typically, visitation occurs until the family is reunited or an alternative permanent placement for the child is found.

Parenting classes target both families that visit at the Center as well as community families. The goal is to strengthen families, teach new parenting skills and prevent the occurrence or re-occurrence of child abuse.

For more information, please call (407)999-5577.


The Family Support & Visitation Center
118 Pasadena Place, Orlando, FL 32803
Phone: (407)999-5577
Fax: (407)999-5580