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True Colors Personal Success Seminar!

The True Colors mission is to foster healthy, productive relationships and organizations whose esteem and success flowTrue Colors Personal Success Seminar from the natural gifts and talents of each person. True Colors is an easy, entertaining, user friendly way to identify your full color spectrum to better understand yourself and others.

True Colors is a communication model deeply rooted in temperament typography. The True Colors model uses colors to identify four distinct perspectives and personalities. Most of us have a dominant color and are influenced or shaded by the other three colors, thus creating our True Colors spectrum.

Briefly, Orange commands attention. Orange lives in the moment. Orange represents vitality, immediacy, energy, risk taking, and action. Gold represents stability, accountability, dependability, and practical sensibility. Gold is responsible, faithful and loyal with a strong commitment to family and service to others. Blue represents aesthetic sensitivity, empathy, tranquility, harmony, and depth of feeling. Blues are energized by relationships with others. Green represents visioning, creating, growing, developing, and always striving for perfection. Greens are energized by knowledge, ideas and competence. True Colors is an easy and fun way to identify your spectrum of personality preferences. The process establishes a common language by which we communicate core motivations, behaviors and esteem. Key benefits of this interactive process include enhanced understanding of self and others, and the appreciation of differences within each of us. Used appropriately, the process can result in reduced conflict and more productive relationships.

True Colors Personal Success Seminar

Discover your True Colors Spectrum!

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